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Mariella is passionate marketer with customer service beginnings. Born in Peru and raised in the U.S., she has always yearned to travel, learn, meet people and destinations. She has lived and made lifelong friends in Switzerland, P.R. China and the United Arab Emirates. Now based in Lima, she spends her free time discovering new places in town, taking photos of her food for fun on Instagram.

Most recent trip/cultural activity

Quito. A beautiful city nestled up in the mountains of Ecuador, surrounded by a chain of imposing volcanoes. She thought the altitude would affect her because she’s lived near the ocean her whole life, but she was surprisingly ok! That is, until you decide to climb. She only made it halfway up after taking the cableway to Pichincha Volcano. She’ll be back soon to try again when she’s in better shape – promise!

Favorite Trip Experience

Oxapampa. A well-hidden treasure of a city in edge of the Peruvian jungle. She’ll never forget traversing the clouded forest and hearing a Cock of The Rocks for the first time. The city was built by Austrian and German immigrants that arrived more than 160 years ago looking for new lands and opportunities. Today, it houses its descendants but maintains the essence of its European origins.

Next Trip

She’s heard lots of great things about the Galápagos Islands. She would like to visit soon and explore all the flora and fauna they have to offer. She’s hoping to learn how to dive there too!

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