Lisbeth Contreras



Lisbeth works closely with each of her team members to ensure the perfect itinerary and the right balance of her itinerary and travel times.

Cusquenian by birth, she enjoys traveling in the company of her young daughter, she loves nature, walks and appreciating sunsets, she is passionate about conserving the environment, she loves to dance, she was part of the cast of Dance of the Qosqo Center of Native Art, she is also a great confectioner, in her free time she enjoys making all kinds of desserts and collaborating with the reading project of young children in her neighborhood, telling stories and making sweets.

Most recent trip/cultural activity

Inka Trail – a break in these times to refresh the mind, with privileged views, the feeling of going back in time and being able to recharge yourself with good energy.

Favorite Trip Experience

It is very difficult to choose one, from the sunset boat trips on the Madre de Dios River, the sightings of pink dolphins and swimming near them in the Amazon River, enjoying the waters of the Carbon River or a beautiful sunrise on the banks of the Titicaca.

Next Trip

I definitely want to travel with my daughter to Chachapoyas within Peru and a little further on to Galapagos, with a mandatory stop at Pailón del Diablo in Ecuador.

Be sure to ask me about...

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  • Unique places and unforgettable experiences in Peru.
  • Best destinations / travel dates in Peru to appreciate your own festivities.
  • Family trips with young children.
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