Fernanda Pinedo



Fernanda is in charge of managing all the processes, of continuous improvement in terms of productivity, quality, maintenance, logistics and jobs.
She loves nature, especially sunset landscapes, and how they change according to where she is in the world. She considers herself a very responsible and independent person, and spends most of her days with her kitten Besides that, she is very interested in topics related to history, adventures, and above all learning about new cultures by traveling or sharing stories and experiences with new people.

Most recent trip/cultural activity

The last adventure trip she had was to the Inca Trail. As a good Cusco woman, she wanted to know the experience of traveling along the road that the Incas passed daily, now a challenging 4-day trek. What most caught her attention was definitely how the route goes from the Sierra to the jungle in just one or two days. Her favorite part of the whole journey was seeing Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate – an experience that anyone visiting Cusco must have!

Favorite Trip Experience

Fernanda’s favorite travel experience was when she visited Maui, an island paradise. She enjoyed not only the beaches but also the people and culture that this magnificent place can offer, spotted whales and snorkeled, swimming alongside shoals of fish.

Next Trip

Fernanda is planning a trip to Pozuzo for the very fact that she likes to know different cultures. She wants to experience the mixture of Peruvian and German culture. Furthermore, Pozuzo has beautiful countryside where you can take spectacular photographs.

Be sure to ask me about...

  • Photography!
  • Culture, history, adventure, spontaneous travel.
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