Estefanía is in charge of developing valuable content within social networks, in order to develop an adequate added value to the brand and generate a different experience in it. Born in Lima, Peru, she loves shopping and spending time with those she loves the most. She likes to eat at different restaurants in the city and her favorite food is ceviche since she can remember. Estefanía is passionate about branding and graphic design, she is always investigating new trends in this area and one of her goals is to be able to complete a master’s degree with these topics that she loves. She too, she loves being able to see new places and one of her dreams is to travel to different parts of the world. She has two pets that are her family: Sachi and Abby, and she loves them very much.

Most recent trip/cultural activity

The last trip she had was to the north of Peru, to be exact, Vichayito and Mancora. She loves the part of the mountains, but she must admit that the beaches are her weakness. On this trip she was able to get to know the town of Mancora a little more and visit the different hotels that are in Vichayito. In addition, she has also had the opportunity to swim with turtles in the Ñuro.

Favorite Trip Experience

Tarma, in Junin. A long time ago, she had the opportunity to travel to this department, where she met part of the jungle seja. It was a nice memory because she traveled with her family and above all, she spent unforgettable moments with them. The landscapes and the adventure of walking through places where there were animals like bats, and many birds. She too, she was able to observe insects that she had never seen before in her life. It was much more interesting than she thought she was.

Next Trip

I hope with all my heart that my next destination is Colombia. I have heard many things about that city, and I have seen spectacular photographs. Above all because of how interesting its culture and its colors must be. Visiting the city of Bogota or Cartagena would definitely be a dream come true and it is also one of my goals for this year.

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