Cleydy Calderón



Cleydy is in charge of the area of social responsibility, helping to champion and develop the ethical, environmentally-conscious, and community-oriented sides of Kuoda.
Born and raised in Cusco, she especially enjoys working to help others and be a positive force in the community. She is a genuinely happy person, always striving to learn something new, especially about new people and cultures in her travels.

Most recent trip/cultural activity

She recently traveled to Juliaca, a small city near the shore of Lake Titicaca. While there, she greatly admired the colors of the traditional clothes and the warmth of the people there, especially their happy hearts and their way of sharing.

Favorite Trip Experience

Some of her favorite travel experiences are those where she can truly get away. One experience especially comes to mind – the Lares hike to Machu Picchu. Being in the middle of nowhere and forgetting the bustle of the city, without being aware of what time it is, this hike was an incredibly liberating experience. Not only are you able to get away, but you also experience many impressive and beautiful landscapes, feeling at one with your surroundings, and getting a real sense of just how big and beautiful our world is.

Next Trip

Cleydy is a true animal lover, and enjoys seeing and meeting different kinds of animals whenever she can! The next trip on her mind is to visit the Galapagos Islands, as she has a fascination for the amount of wildlife and the unique species that can be found there, as well as the sea and the waves.

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