Users Can Now Request a Taxi Service in Peru Using the Google Maps App

In Peru, Google Maps has introduced a new feature that allows users to order a taxi using the Google Maps app on their smartphones. Adding to Google Maps’ previous options of Drive, Public Transit, and Walk, the new option is denoted by a person raising their hand.

To request a taxi service, users enter their Google Maps app, input their destination, then click on the new icon to view a list of taxi services available. Price estimates and wait times are also listed. Once the user has chosen a service, Google Maps redirects them to the appropriate taxi or ride-sharing app to complete the request.

It’s an update that will likely lure more people – locals and travelers alike – to download and use Google Maps when moving about Peru.

Currently, due to special agreements made with Google, only three taxi services are available within the Google Maps app in Peru. They are: Uber, Beat, and Cabify.