Peru Wins Prestigious Award From the UK’s Wanderlust Travel Magazine

In February, Wanderlust Travel Magazine, the United Kingdom’s leading travel magazine, released their annual Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards 2018 results. Based on travel experiences that took place between December 2016 and November 2017. More than 2,000 readers rated their travels by how satisfied they were, resulting in Peru placing third on the Top Country List behind Canada and New Zealand.

Each October and November, Wanderlust Travel Magazine asks its readers to rate their travels over the past year by country, city, and the suppliers they used. For each main category, ranging from country to airline and equipment brands, the reader is asked to list up to four entries per category and to score each one based on their own merits. From there, an average is calculated and converted into a percentage to form the final ranking.

As in previous years, the results were announced at the Destinations Travel Show in London, an annual event attended by representatives of different countries, airlines, tour operators, tourism professionals, and others in the field of tourism. Peru and the rest of the winners will appear in April’s print edition of the magazine.

Wanderlust Travel Magazine is considered one of the United Kingdom’s premiere travel publications with more than 100,000 readers from 112 different countries.