Historical Cemetery in Trujillo, Peru Becomes Tourist Destination

The Miraflores Cemetery in the city of Trujillo in northwestern Peru is a new destination for tourists.  This new initiative promoted by the municipal authorities will provide free guided tours of the 185-year-old cemetery, where the tombs of key historical figures are located.

Among those buried at the site are Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre, founder of Peru’s Popular Revolutionary American Party, and Ricardo O’Donovan, lawyer, politician and soldier, who fought and died in the War of the Pacific.

A walk through the cemetery affords visitors on custom Peru tours an insight into how Peruvian people past and present remember and respect their dead, with its marble tombstones, mausoleums and angelic statues, along with the ornate niches – the favored burial solution of modern times.  For the fearless, nighttime tours have also been arranged.

Those interested in making a visit should register at the Subgerencia de Turismo located on the ground floor of the Palacio Municipal, or City Hall.  “In this way, the municipal authorities are developing a range of tourist activities that enable one to experience the Peruvian way of life, in the form of smart tourism products or options which have a different feel, like the cemetery visit”, stated Miriam Gayaso, assistant director of tourism.

The Miraflores is not the first cemetery in Peru to open its gates to tourists.  For instance, the Almudena Cemetery in Cusco, which dates back to 1845, has its own museum complete with a display of Inca mummies.

A cemetery from another era, which also makes for an intriguing stop on private Peru trip, is the Chauchilla Cemetery, in the Nazca desert, where people were first buried in 200 AD.  The Nazca civilization, which is most famous for the Nazca Lines, also mummified their dead, and some surprisingly well-preserved examples can be observed in the burial pits at this eerie site.

For those undertaking personalized Peru tour, the Miraflores Cemetery tour, and other such visits, are an opportunity to experience how the people of Peru have honored their dead over the centuries – an option well worth a try.