Mistura Food Festival: A Celebration of Peruvian Cuisine

Mistura Food Festival: A Celebration of Peruvian Cuisine

Mistura is a culinary event that brings together Peruvian cuisine’s exotic flavors and fusions under one roof. It’s every foodie’s dream! Stalls upon stalls of delectable Peruvian classics waft in the air, from the pungent seafood cuisine to the sugary sweet desserts like picarones and alfajores. Trust us when we say, it’s a wild and unforgettable ride for your tastebuds and one you should definitely plan to attend if your Peru vacation syncs up with it.  Here’s everything you need to know about Mistura, from when it takes place to the dishes you absolutely can’t fail to sample while there:

When does Mistura take place?
Mistura, Lima

Mistura, Lima. Photo Source: Henry Harris

Mistura takes place every September. Traditionally, it’s been held on the Costa Verde of Magdalena del Mar in Lima, but rumor has it that the 2019 edition will be held in the northern coastal city of Trujillo instead.

What to Expect
Peru's classic and regional dishes

Peru’s Classic and Regional Dishes. Photo Source: Henry Harris

Expect a chance to sample cuisines from every corner of Peru, prepared by the country’s best chefs, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and street vendors alike. The organizers of Mistura spend the year sniffing out the best versions of Peru’s classic and regional dishes. The dishes are served by the half-size for a couple of bucks or as full-size plates for a few Peruvian soles more. There’s a Gran Mercado where you can meet and mingle with Peru’s farmers and small producers, a Pisco Tent for samples of Peru’s perennial favorite liqueur, and there’s usually a section dedicated to a guest country’s cuisine.

The Must-Try Dishes
Ceviche, Peru

Ceviche, Peru

Ceviche: Mistura is the perfect time to sample Peru’s varying versions of ceviche, from the trout ceviches you’ll find in the Andes to the traditional fish and seafood ceviches that fill plates along the coast. 

Parihuela: This hearty and spicy seafood soup is popular along Peru’s northern coast. Though you can’t go wrong with any of the Peruvian soups on offer at Mistura, this one is an absolute must-try. 

Cuisine de la Selva: From juanes (leaf-wrapped rice with meat, eggs, and Amazonian herbs) to tacachos (mashed plantains) and chaufa Amazonica made with Amazon ingredients like cecina, chorizo, and plantains, the jungle cuisine options are copious at Mistura. Try them all if you can.

Cabrito al horno: This dish is one you’ll only likely find on menus in the north of Peru.  So if you’re not headed that way on your tour of Peru, be sure to save room for this delicacy of oven-roasted baby goat at Mistura.

Picarones: This sweet Peruvian dessert dripping with honey or cane syrup is similar to a doughnut, but the deep-fried dough is made with sweet potato and squash. You’ll smell these delectable treats from across the room!

Why You Should Attend
Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian Cuisine

Mistura is the event of the year to celebrate Peruvian cuisine and the chefs that have mastered it. There’s no better way to get to know Peru than through its food and this highly anticipated gastronomic event delivers every corner of Peru straight to your plate.

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