The Most Unique Places To Visit on Your Luxury Tour To Colombia

The Most Unique Places To Visit on Your Luxury Tour To Colombia

A luxury tour to Colombia can be much more than just sunbathing on the beaches of Cartagena. Although Cartagena is beautiful, there are plenty of unique experiences in Colombia to visit that will make for the most memorable vacation ever! From coffee farm tours to snorkeling in the Caribbean sea, this destination offers an incredibly diverse range of activities you need to add to your itinerary.

– Roam the Mystical Halls of Tequendama Falls

Roam the Mystical Halls of Tequendama Falls

Teetering over the edge of a massive cliff just a few miles southwest of Bogotá is the Tequendama Falls Museum. Here, tourists and Colombian locals alike travel to get a stunning view of the Bogotá River and the steep waterfalls that rain down into it.

Prior to opening as a museum, the large building was a hotel from the early 20th century that invited guests who wanted to indulge and celebrate in exceptional, luxury experiences. Its prime location on the cliffside offered guests an exceptional view of the river with access to fancy dining halls and accommodations. In 2013, the historic mansion was reopened as a museum of science. Immersed in a Jurassic ecosystem, a visit to Tequendama is one full of lush beauty and intriguing discoveries with the unique mansion providing a cinematic backdrop for the adventure.

– Wander the Postcard Town of Guatapé

Wander the Postcard Town of Guatape

Guatapé is a small pueblo just a short distance from Medellín, making it perfect for a day trip! This colorful rainbow town is famous for the “zocalos” that decorate the houses everywhere you go. Zocalos are the painted panels attached to individual homes that communicate a little information about the family within – either what their trade is or their family history! Guatapé’s streets are lined with colorfully painted homes that make for a pleasant stroll around town.

Willing to embark on a bit of an adventure? El Peńol has a steep staircase waiting for you! The famous rock formation juts out of the ground, casting an impressive shadow across the entire town. If you choose to climb all 740 steps to the top, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most spectacular views of Laguna Guatapé.

– Snap Some Pics At La Mano Del Gigante

If you’re looking for the most Instagram-worthy destinations that will leave your friends and family in awe at your adventure, be sure to visit La Man del Gigante. This is one of the newest unique experiences in Colombia, one you’ll want to visit while it’s still a hidden gem.

Overlooking the Huila Department is a massive, woven art piece in the shape of a giant, outstretched hand with its palm facing skyward. Visitors can do a little photoshoot standing in the giant’s palm, overlooking the entire valley of lush green flora beyond. There are also plenty of new activities popping up in this increasingly popular region, whether you want to go paragliding or embark on a coffee tour!

– Get Unparalleled Views At This Caribbean Desert Beach

Get Unparalleled Views At This Caribbean Desert Beach

Punta Gallinas is one of the most spectacular beaches in all of Colombia, and it is almost completely remote and untouched. Deep in the northern desert of La Guajira, this region is home to only the Wayúu people, an indigenous tribe that has survived in tiny fishing villages for centuries.

A trip to Punta Gallinas is certainly a journey, as it will take you at least two days to access, starting in the town of Riohacha. However, the trek is a worthwhile expedition. Well suited for solo travelers and nature lovers, this trip to Punta Gallinas provides you an opportunity to see a desert beach, with miles and miles of sand to one side, and the rich blue Caribbean waters to the other. Out of all the unique experiences in Colombia that invite you into the natural elements, this isolated beach is one you will never forget!

– Study the Wildlife of Gorgona Island

Study the Wildlife of Gorgona Island

Declared an official UNESCO Heritage Site in 1984, Gorgona Island has been transformed from an old prison to a flourishing hub for ecotourism in just a few decades. The natural park is home to hundreds of bird species, insects, and at least 500 species of marine fauna.

In the surrounding sea, dolphins, sharks, sea wolves, and even Yubarta whales are visible as they swim across Colombia’s Pacific coast. A diverse coral reef offers divers a chance to see some of the most colorful lifeforms in the ocean, while on land travelers can hike through one of three island trails to see the terrestrial wildlife.

– Feel Your Heart Racing in San Gil

Feel Your Heart Racing in San Gil

Travelers looking to enjoy adrenaline-pumping adventures on their luxury tour to Colombia should not miss out on visiting San Gil. Many people agree that this is the adventure capital of the country, as it offers a diverse range of extreme sports for the most daring travelers!

Among the possible activities, you can choose from river rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking, zip-lining, caving, and more. But our favorite activity has to be paragliding over Chicamocha Canyon. There’s no greater rush than flying through the air with some of the most amazing views underneath you! For the globetrotter who loves to take risks and try daring new things, this will be one of the best unique experiences in Colombia.

– Explore The First Wonder Of Colombia In This Underground Cave

Explore The First Wonder Of Colombia

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira has become a bucket list activity for travelers who want to be immersed in a truly magical escape. Just a short way away from Bogotá, the underground cathedral was built inside the tunnels of a salt mine in the 20th century, serving as a religious modern holy place constructed in an ancient natural site.

As you descend into the salt mines, the lighting transforms an otherwise normal location into a magical, vibrant experience full of natural beauty and unique history. The cathedral was carved by hand by miners and sculptors working together to excavate over 250 thousand tons of rock salt before carving the religious imagery. A trip to Zipaquira is a one-of-a-kind experience that offers education as well as stunning scenery.

– Take a Luxury Tour To Colombia’s Coffee Axis

Take a Luxury Tour To Colombias Coffe Axis

Three unique departments make up Colombia’s world-famous Coffee Axis: Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindio. For coffee connoisseurs, a trip to this triangle of flavor is a dream come true. Here, you can get a private tour of coffee farms, learn about the production process from start to finish, and taste your way through the region one café con leche at a time.

But don’t worry, visiting the coffee triangle is not just a caffeine-fueled experience. You can also enjoy a soothing soak in the hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal, hike through Los Nevados National Park, and even enjoy a romantic hot air balloon ride over the region! If you enjoy wine tours you will love a coffee tour, one of the most delicious unique experiences in Colombia.

– Wander the Emerald Green Valle de Cocora

Wander the Emerald Green Valle de Cocora

If you’re planning to visit the coffee region, add a stop in Valle de Cocora for a remarkable walk on the wild side. This valley is known for being home to the tallest palm trees on the entire planet. Walking around the lush green fields feels like you’re wandering through a magical land from prehistoric times.

Exploring Valle de Cocora is best enjoyed from the back of a jeep on a high-speed tour of the destination. If you’ve ever been off-roading, the experience is similar! But instead of swashing through mud and dirt, you’ll drive around lush green foliage with trees towering high overhead. Keep your eyes peeled, you may even spot the massive Andean Condor!

– Travel to the Oldest Mountains In Latin America

Travel to the Oldest Mountains In Latin America

The Cerros de Mavecure is a collection of granite mountains located off the Inirida River. Still an unknown site to many of Colombia’s visitors, this is a marvelous location to see a bizarre, fascinating region hidden in the Amazon.

Made up of three dark, semi-rounded hills, this formation has often been referred to as the guardian of the Amazon jungle. Each hill (individually: Pajarito, Mono, and Mavecure) is made of ancient volcanic rock and are part of the oldest geological formations on earth, the Guiana Shield. Seeing these unique natural spectacles is a remarkable adventure that very few travelers or locals have experienced! Adding a trip to Cerros de Mavecure to your itinerary is guaranteed to give you an amazing, off-the-beaten-path excursion that will transport you back in time.

There’s an endless adventure awaiting you! As one of South America’s most diverse destinations, you’ll be able to explore a wide range of sites during your luxury tour of Colombia. Talk to our Kuoda travel experts about your dream bucket list activities, and we’ll work to build your perfect itinerary for the ultimate vacation! Which of these unique experiences in Colombia would you try out?

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