Waterways of Peru

Snowmelt from the far reaches of the Andean mountain range has created a series of lakes, lagoons, rivers, and waterfalls worth exploring on your personalized Peru vacation. From technicolor glacial lagoons to the mighty Amazon River and high-altitude navigable lakes, include a visit to one or several of Peru’s amazing waterways in your custom Peru tour.

Lake Titicaca


Located in the Puno district at an altitude of over 12,200 feet, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and was, the Incas believed, the birthplace of their civilization. The serene waters and Cordillera Real peaks that rear up around the lake are undeniably picturesque, though it is the cultural attractions that hold the real draw. During Kuoda’s luxury tours of Lake Titicaca, you can visit the man-made reed islands of the Uros people as well as the natural islands of Amantani and Taquile where local communities have lived for many thousands of years.

Lindo Lake


Located in the Sauce District of the Amazon, Lindo Lake is not – as its name might indicate – just one lake, but rather four pristine lagoons whose water is said to be among the purest in the Amazon. For birders, the lake is hard to beat; there are more than 300 species here including colorful toucans, mighty eagles arcing and swooping and the rather odd-looking hoatzin, whose pungent smell has seen it earn the unfortunate nickname of “stink bird.” Those who are hoping for new bird sightings during their personalized trip to Peru will be impressed by the steady stream of fliers and waders in this region.

Sandoval Lake


Set within the National Reserve of Tambopata, this lake is swarmed with wildlife. More than 6,500 species of fish swim here, which, in turn, attract thousands of hungry birds. Also floating around the lake are some more fascinating residents, among them giant river otters, black caimans, turtles and even the infamous Anaconda. With so many endangered indigenous species clustered around this lake, hunting is strictly forbidden here though it is possible to fish – with the right lure and an expert tip or two, you might even snag a piranha.

Llanganuco Lagoon


Few travelers make it as far as this wonderfully serene lagoon, due to its secluded high-altitude setting in the rarely explored rural north of Peru. Those who do make the trip are in for a treat. Comprised of two lakes fed by the melting glaciers of the nearby mountains, this emerald-hued lagoon is a peaceful and still place, with a hushed silence interrupted only by the occasional squawk of a wild duck or the rustling sound of the shore-side reeds. For a true away-from-it-all nature excursion, come here during your customized trip of Peru.

Gocta Waterfall


Cascades of water crash down more than 2,520 feet at this spectacular waterfall in northern Peru, which is counted among the highest waterfalls in the world. To get to the base of the falls, you’ll have to embark on a hike through forested tracks or alternatively, catch a lift on a horse. Once you get there, cool off with a dip in the crystal pool below. Travelers keen on seeing this natural beauty spot during their private Peru holiday can stay at a small hotel nearby, which is about a three-hour trek from the waterfall itself.

Amazon River


So many of us have spent our childhoods dreaming about adventures on this mighty river. Travelers who have already made it here can attest that the Amazon landscapes are well and truly awe-inspiring. The Amazon is the largest river in the world in terms of water discharge, and the total amount that flows out of it per second is greater than that of the next seven largest rivers combined. It is the life-source of countless exotic animals, unusual plant species and fearsome tribes whose lifestyle remains unaltered by the changing times. Its roots are here in Peru, beginning with the convergence of the Ucayali and Marañon Rivers in the province of Iquitos. Whether you want a luxury tour of the Amazon via a river cruise or a land-based trip to a jungle lodge, we can arrange an Amazon adventure that will fill you with excitement.

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