Peruvian Gastronomy

We’ll be shocked if you haven’t heard about Peru’s culinary revolution. The country, which was recently named the world’s leading culinary hotspot by the World Travel Awards, is now a white-hot gastronomic destination, with gastronomes the world over embarking on luxury tours to Peru. Lima – the historical capital of the Spanish Viceroyalty in South America and the current capital of Peru – is also South America’s “food capital.” Many of Peru’s most cutting-edge chefs practice their craft here, relying on the incredible assortment of local ingredients available and drawing on the multicultural influences (pre-Columbian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, to name a few) to put up imaginative and seriously tasty plates. Lima is also home to two of the world’s top-10 restaurants, Central (#5) and Maido (#8)! Check out the unique characteristics of Peruvian Gastronomy with a Peru culinary tour designed by the experts at Kuoda Travel.

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