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White Water Rafting in Peru

White water rafting in Peru is an adventure all on its own. White knuckles and rushing torrents are clear markers of a thrilling water rafting experience and Peru certainly brings on both. From one to ten-day float trips, take your pick from some of Peru’s most legendary rafting routes. No Peru adventure tour would be complete without adding one of our rafting trips to your custom Peru vacation.

Mayo and Huallaga Rivers


This exhilarating rafting route is sure to increase your adrenaline levels as you face rushing, white torrents head-on. The adventure starts just outside the community of Tarapoto in the department of San Martin. Things start slowly as you glide along the largely uninhabited rainforest looking for wildlife, before tackling Class II and III rapids along the way to Madre de Dios. The entire journey takes between seven and 12 days, allowing you to get a real feel for both rivers. This journey can only be undertaken between the months of May and October.

Cotahuasi River


You may already have heard of the Cotahuasi River, located within the Colca Canyon; the thrilling routes here are legendary among keen rafters. Avid adventurers can attempt the whole 75.5-mile river route, which stretches from the town of Cotahuasi to the coast and takes anywhere between seven and 10 days to complete. If you only have limited time during your exclusive tour of Peru, arrange to traverse the lower portion of the river on single or two-day trips. Fearless rafters can enjoy white-knuckle experiences, tackling some of the more difficult Class III, IV and V rapids. Prime rafting season here is in May and June, though Kuoda can arrange excursions for any time between April and September.

Cañete River


If you’re on a luxury tour of Peru and can only spare a day or two for adventure, don’t despair. Just 85 miles from Lima, the Cañete River, which surrounds the small town of Lunahuaná, is an ideal daytrip destination. After just a short drive from Lima, you’ll board the raft for an hour and 45 minutes of watery fun on Class III and IV rapids from Puente Socs to Puente Catapalla. In between rapids, be sure to look up; there is beautiful countryside waiting to be appreciated.

Apurimac River


The Apurímac River rafting adventure may well be one of the best rafting routes on this planet. Launch your vessel into the Apurimac Canyon, which is just shy of 9,900 feet in depth. Bump downhill over rapids that range from a gentle Class I to a cling-on-for-dear-life Class IV. The route takes three days and two nights to complete, and there are several beaches and sand bars along the way that are well-suited to overnight camping. The rugged scenery is also a treat.

Urubamba River


Looking for the best of white water rafting in Peru? Try the Urubamba River, where you can go on a one or two-day whitewater rafting expedition bouncing your way down Class II, III and IV rapids of Chuquicahuana and Cusipata. The Urubamba River is separated into two sections: the upper part flows south of Cusco, while the lower Urubamba is located north of Cusco. While the lower portion of Urubamba can be rafted, we think it’s best avoided as polluting and contamination can be a problem here.

Colca River


Choose a rafting experience to suit you and your traveling companions on the Colca River. This amazing waterway flows through the breathtaking Colca Canyon, which is among the deepest canyons in the world. A rafting trip here can last anywhere between one and nine days, taking in rapids up to and including a heart-pounding monster Class Vs. The canyons sheer sides, which thrust up dramatically out of the water, provide jaw-dropping views en route.

Tambopata River


A wild ride down the Tambopata River is a once-in-a-life-time experience. This hardcore adventure, which can be undertaken via kayak or raft, typically lasts anywhere between eight and 12 days. Grab a paddle and let yourself be carried into the pristine Peruvian rainforest to uninhabited pockets where animals rule the roost. As you advance further down river, you’ll enter the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene National Reserve to navigate fun Class III and IV rapids. The chatter and chirrups of the jungle birds and animals providing the soundtrack to your water-based adventure. Contact Kuoda today to reserve your rafting trip to Peru now.