A Hidden Five-Star Gem: The Sumaq Hotel in Aguas Calientes

A Hidden Five-Star Gem The Sumaq Hotel in Aguas Calientes

If you arrive at Aguas Calientes, also called Machu Picchu Pueblo, by train, you may have a difficult time imagining a five-star hotel could be found here. Most of the buildings have a ramshackle appearance as if they were put up overnight, and the fact is that many were. This once-sleepy little town has experienced a huge tourism boom due to its location at the foot of one of the wonders of the world.

If you walk in to Aguas Calientes, however, as you would after completing the Salkantay Trek or taking the bus down from Machu Picchu, your first impression of this town will be the stunning Sumaq Hotel.

– Accommodation: Relax on Ultra-Soft Beds

The Sumaq Hotel is an ideal base for luxury tours of Machu Picchu, a welcoming retreat after a day spent hiking around the famous ancient Inca citadel. You might be tempted to lie down on your king-size bed as soon as you enter your room, but be careful because these ultra-soft beds can make it difficult to ever want to get up again.

Feel all tensions leave your body as you relax in the Jacuzzi. For additional pampering, book a massage in the hotel spa and let one of the skilled therapists work away your aches.

– Dining: Experience Superb Dining

Dinner at the hotel’s superb restaurant, Qunuq, is included in your room rate. Qunuq’s amazing menu rivals many of Lima’s top restaurants.

– Activities: Opt for Enjoyable Extras

Cooking classes are included in your room rate, offering a chance to make ceviche as well as Peru’s national drink, pisco sour. The Despacho, also known as Pago a la Tierra, is another service offered by the hotel. In this experience, you watch a native Andean shaman perform a ceremony honoring Pachamama (Mother Earth). It’s a lovely way to connect with the culture and landscapes that surround you here.

– Service: Feel the Difference of Exceptional Customer Service

Sumaq’s customer service sets it apart from other five star hotels. Going beyond politeness, the staff at Sumaq are genuinely friendly and warm, offering the kind of hospitality that makes for a truly memorable stay.

Does the Sumaq Hotel sound like the perfect fit for your Peru family trip? Contact your Kuoda Travel designer today for more information on including this stylish property on your luxury Machu Picchu tour.

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