FAQ - Miscellaneous

How far in advance should I book my trip?

This depends how far in advance you prefer to plan. We book last-minute trips all the time and we also arrange tours that are planned years in advance. Major considerations are visa requirements, holiday and festival availability, and seasonal demand (ex. “dry season” in Peru).

I live in Europe. Do you work with people outside of the US?

Yes, our clients live all over the world and we have qualified professional guides that speak between 3-4 languages.

We are celebrating our anniversary while traveling with Kuoda Travel. What can you arrange for us?

Your Travel Designer will plan activities to make your special day one to remember, whether it’s a candlelight dinner, side-by-side massages, a sunset horseback ride, a shaman ceremony, a private cruise, or a romantic picnic on a private beach.

I'm getting married next year and want a Kuoda Travel honeymoon. What can you arrange?

Our honeymooners receive extra perks and amenities—e.g., complimentary spa treatments, beachside dinners and room upgrades—in addition to the flexibility of touring with your own private guides and drivers, top rooms in South America´s best hotels and resorts, and other services that are standard on all of our tours.

I will be traveling with children. Are your destinations suitable for any age?

Family travel is one of our specialties. Our Travel Designers can recommend certain hotels and destinations that are highly recommended for children.

I'm not interested in doing anything touristy. Can you take me to places that are ``off the beaten track``?

Our travel experts have lived overseas for years and we pride ourselves in having the expert knowledge to take you to places that are not frequented by many tourists. For example, you can visit a small Andean village far from the tourist centers, stay in a local home, or dine with a local family.

We are a family of five, can stay in the same room?

Unfortunately this is generally not possible. In Peru, hotels are very strict about the number of people who can stay in one room. Usually a maximum of three adults are allowed in one room, except in specific cases such as ‘family rooms’.  Please note that children a certain age (usually 10 or 12 years, depending on the hotel) count as ‘adults’.

Please can you give me a breakdown of your prices?

All tour prices are based on the services detailed in each tour’s itinerary. Services are sold as a complete package and Kuoda is not able to provide a breakdown of the component costs of a trip. However, if you would like to discuss possible ways to reduce the cost of the trip, please let me know and I can give you some ideas.

Can you make dinner reservations for us?

We provide our clients with extensive restaurant recommendations and are happy to make advance dinner reservations. From haute cuisine to local favorites to traditional dinners in private homes, we know all the best places to have a variety of dining experiences.

I would like to enjoy local shopping destinations during my trip. Can you help with this?

All tours can be customized to include personalized shopping as part of the private cultural touring in each location. There is no extra cost for this special service. Whether you simply want plenty of time to browse in museum gift shops or interesting shopping streets, or if you want more in-depth private shopping excursions, we offer insider access to shops and people, expert advice, private specialist guides fluent in the local language and culture, and full-service logistical support such as packing and shipping. Our Travel Designers maintain a vast, sophisticated knowledge base of the best local craftspeople, shops, markets and other sources of high-quality goods.

We are interested in having spa treatments in every city we visit. Can you make appointments for us?

Our Travel Designers know all the most luxurious spas in the region. We will gladly book appointments for you in any destination you are visiting, and we will provide spa menus in advance. We are also happy to customize an entire spa tour.