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With so much attention focused on the remarkable achievements of the Incas, travelers exploring Peru tend to forget all about the fascinating cultures that preceded them. In Chiclayo, it will be hard to ignore the precursors to the Incas. This region is replete with ancient Moche archaeological sites, including the Huaca Rajada complex, home to the tomb of the Lord of Sipán. This tomb, which was discovered in 1987 and contained a multitude of extraordinary treasures, was heralded as one of the greatest archaeological finds of the past century. So valuable were the objects found here that experts dubbed the tomb the “Peruvian King Tut.”

Then there is the Túcume site, which features 26 spectacular adobe pyramids and mounds, and is believed to have been occupied by the Lambayeque and Chimú people before the Incas came to town. Last, but by no means least, is ancient city of Poma, now part of the Batán Grande national park. This city was built by the Lambayeque people around 800 B.C. Over the years, it was targeted by looters and many of the most precious goods were removed from the site, but over 20 pyramids still remain standing. A small on-site museum complete with a scale model and interpretive notes help gives visitors a sense of how the ancient complex would once have looked.

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