Oxbow Lake

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Of the many, many habitats found in the Peruvian Amazon, the oxbow lakes are perhaps most prime for wildlife viewing.

These calm backwater lagoons, named for their distinctive U shape, are formed when a bend in the river is cut off from the main channel. Many Amazonian animals prefer the clear, tranquil water of the oxbow lakes, rather than the turbulent and cloudy main waterway. Alligator-esque caimans can be seen sunning their snout near the surface, while giant river otters can be spotted burrowing into the banks. The trees near the grassy banks are an equally fruitful spot for wildlife watchers: squirrely monkeys hop from branch to branch, blue-faced hoatzins let out guttural caws and vivid red and blue macaws streak through the upper branches.

Paddling a canoe around the serene waters of an oxbow lake is a fantastic activity to include on Peru family tours or indeed, on any type of Amazonian adventure.  Contact us today and get your free Peru trip quote.  At Kuoda Travel, all trips are custom and personally designed for you by one of our professional travel experts.

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