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The Tambopata National Reserve stretches across 278,000 protected hectares, so it’s unlikely you’ll get to explore every last inch. But the good news is, you don’t have to. Our exclusive Tambopata jungle tours come in all shapes and sizes. And even a short, guided day hike through the jungle trails will yield incredible sightings, perhaps of ancient trees that have stood here for more than half a millennia or of all kinds of insects, birds and animals, including butterflies, toucans, monkeys and macaws.

With a Tambopata jungle tour, you can trek over to the wildlife-rich waters of Lake Sandoval on foot and skirt around the tree-lined edges in search of the strange hoatzin bird. This chestnut-colored creature has earned the unpleasant nickname of “stinkbird” because of its unappealing odor. While you’re at Lake Sandoval, you may also hear howler monkey shrieks or even spot the giant river otters who populate the lake.

Other wildlife-watching opportunities abound within the reserve. Stroll along the canopy walkway, which will bring you up to the same lofty level of the canopy-dwelling jungle inhabitants, including parrots, tanagers and orioles. Or rise early and get to the Chuncho macaw clay lick for sunrise, when hundreds of bird species flock here to get their mineral-fix by licking the clay.

With a skilled guide and just a little patience, even the most casual wildlife observer will be wowed by the engrossing environments of the Tambopata National Reserve.  At Kuoda Travel, all trips are custom and personally designed for you by one of our professional travel experts.  Contact us today and get your free Peru trip quote.

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