Local Village Markets in the Sacred Valley

Attractions & Activities in the Sacred Valley


A visit to a traditional artisan market in the Sacred Valley is the perfect complement to your Peruvian culture vacation. There are two must-visit markets to explore: the Pisac Market and the Chinchero Market.

The Pisac Market

In the quaint mountain town of Pisac, there’s a colorful artisan market in the town’s central plaza. There, you can find woven blankets, knit scarves, cozy alpaca sweaters, beautiful ceramics, and a wide-ranging variety of traditional products. Visit on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday for a glimpse at a traditional market day in action.

The Chinchero Market

 Chinchero’s Sunday Market is not to be missed. There, you’ll find the greatest selection of woven textiles straight from the indigenous weavers themselves. The market was originally created to provide people living in the valley and surrounding hills an opportunity to buy and trade produce. Today, visitors from far and wide come out to browse the superb handicrafts and observe the traditionally dressed locals as they barter for produce.

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