Surf & Swim with Wildlife in Peru's

Attractions & Activities in Peru’s Northern Beaches


With the meeting of the southern Humboldt Current and northern Tropical Current occurring just off Peru’s northern coast, it should come as no surprise that Peru’s ocean is one of the richest marine environments in the world; Humpback whales, dolphins, sea anemones, turtles, octopi, and sea lions all coexisting in these nutrient-rich Peruvian waters.

Take advantage of this unique marine ecosystem during your luxury Peru tour. Head to Mancora or Punta Sal for some of the best scuba diving and, if in town during the months of August through October, visit Los Organos for a chance to spot Humpback Whales swimming and leaping out of the water alongside their newborns. Alternatively, grab a surfboard and surf the perfect swells in Cabo Blanco where marlins, Bluefin tuna, and mahi mahi swim.

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