Paracas National Reserve

Attractions & Activities In Paracas & Surrounding Islands


Spread across 335,000 hectares, this vast swath of tropical desert and piercing blue coastal waters was designed to protect a fragile marine ecosystem as well as the cultural relics of the Paracas indigenous group. With close to 100 archaeological sites strung between the desert and the sea, stunning beaches, undulating dunes and oodles of interesting marine creatures and birds, the Paracas National Reserve is a captivating place to explore.

Kuoda can arrange visits to the reserve as part of our luxury Peru tours. During private excursions, a guide will show you the Candelabro geoglyph, which is believed to have been etched into the landscape around 200 B.C. Local legend suggests the carving may represent a lightning rod or staff of the pre-Inca and Inca god Viracocha, though – just like the UNESCO-listed Nazca Lines geoglyphs – its exact meaning and origin is something of a mystery.

The coastal environment here is said to be one of the most productive ocean areas on the planet. All kinds of seabirds, fish and marine mammals thrive in and in the vicinity of these waters, including the threatened Humboldt penguin and the endangered Peruvian diving petrel. Depending on the time of year, you may also spy some of the globetrotting migratory birds that come and go from the park, including flamingos.

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