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From afar, the craggy surface of the Ballestas Islands can appear empty. But come closer with a Ballestas Islands boat tour and you’ll notice that the rocky terrain is covered with birds and other creatures, who can not only be seen but can also be heard; their calls and caws make an unholy cacophony. The sheer number of winged creatures clinging to the coves and outcroppings is astounding, but by far the biggest thrill for most tour-goers is catching a glimpse of the shy, endangered Humboldt penguin. These tuxedoed birds are most often seen hanging around the entrance to the caves where they nest.

Other islanders who may be visible from the boat include boobies, cormorants and pelican – frequently spotted diving into the water for fish – as well as gregarious seals and sea lions. Though most often seen lolling on the shore, these curious creatures occasionally swim out near the boats to investigate. Dolphins and whales are also known to make an occasional appearance.

On the way out to the islands, the boat will glide by the ancient Candelabro geoglyph, which was carved into the cliff face around 2,000 years ago. Theories continue to proliferate about who created it and why, though none are definitive and the giant etching remains a bit of a mystery.

With Kuoda, hope on a private Ballestas Islands boat tour with an English-speaking guide who can recount fascinating facts about the history and biology of the islands as well as the wildlife that inhabit them.

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