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For Kuoda, luxury Peru travel means giving our clients experiences they could never forget. Flying over the Nazca Lines, with your own private guide providing commentary, is likely to be one of these unforgettable experiences. The geoglyphs here, of which there are several hundred, are so large that it’s difficult to see them properly up-close. It’s only when viewed from on high that these glorious images, which date back between 1,500 and 2,000 years, can be truly appreciated.

As you glide through the sky, look out for the most emblematic figures among the collection, namely the famous monkey, the hummingbird and the fish – each of which are more than 1,640 feet in length. Among the other figures featured on the arid desert floor are sharks, orcas, spiders and lizards as well as simple lines that extend unbroken for miles.

The Nazca Lines were created by systematically brushing away the reddish stones on the ground to reveal a pale white-grey sandy layer underneath. Conjecture about their origins, meaning and how they were created abounds. Their enormous size has led some to speculate that the ancient people who made them must have had some mysterious form of air travel, which allowed them to get an overview of the site. Others have suggested the only feasible explanation for their existence to be landing stations for alien crafts. Until more definitive evidence is unearthed, they’ll remain a mystery, but for now, there’s no better way to investigate first-hand than by flying overhead.

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