Pre-Inca Archeaological Site

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The Nazca Lines, a scattering of hundreds of intriguing pre-Inca geoglyphs, are located in the Southern Coastal desert region of Peru. Their enigmatic nature has led to multiple theories concerning their origins, but not everything about them is a mystery.

Who made the Nazca lines and how they were made, for instance, is mostly clear: they were literally drawn into the sand, removing the rust-colored pebbles of the surface to expose a paler dirt underneath. Their epic scale – some are more than 1,640 feet in length – have led several archaeologists to insists that they could only be created with an aerial view, though others deny this claim.

What’s also known is who created them: the Nazca people. Thriving between 100 B.C. and A.D. 800, the Nazca culture was known for its ceramics and textiles, as well as for producing an underground aqueduct network, known as Puquios, which still functions to this day.

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