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The Nazca Lines, an ancient collection of giant pictographs etched into the desert plain, are one of the most visited tourist sites in Peru. Much of their appeal lies in the sense of mystery that accompanies them: what was their purpose and what do they mean?

The geoglyphs depict birds, animals, plants and geometric shapes, and are carved into the arid desert terrain. Archaeologists believe they were created between 500 B.C. and A.D. 500, though they have yet to ascertain their purpose.

There is more than one way to see the lines.  A Nazca Lines tour on foot will give you an idea of their scale, but you won’t be able to make out the specific outlines and shapes. To truly appreciate the artistry of the stylized figures, a Nazca Lines tour is best seen from either the surrounding foothills or by air, when images of figures (among them a monkey, hummingbird and a fish) become clear. Which some archaeologists believe begs the question: how did the creators draw these giant pictures without the help of an aerial view?

The meaning of these enigmatic drawings is another unknown, though theories – ranging from running tracks, ceremonial walking routes and even alien docking sites – abound. Ask your guide to explain the various hypotheses and ponder their significance for yourself during an exclusive tour of Peru’s desert drawings.

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