Wildlife Immersion

Attractions & Activities In Manu Biosphere Reserve


Almost every traveler who arrives to the Manu National Reserve has wildlife on the mind. With tapirs, caimans, giant river otters, macaws, the elusive anaconda and more; Manu’s menagerie surpasses all expectations.

Hide out in a camouflaged blind during the dark of night for the chance to eye-up a tapir, a pig-like, plant-eating mammal whose handy prehensile snout can grasp vegetation. Take to the tranquil water of the oxbow lakes and look for the giant river otter clan. These creatures, which can reach lengths of up to six feet, can often be heard communicating (they have several different vocalizations) during the day. The ornithologically enthused can prioritize the macaw clay lick, a mineral wall that lures in large flocks of lustrous macaws and parrots. It is thought that the mineral-rich clay helps neutralize toxic substances found in some of the plants they eat.

And that’s only the beginning as the Manu National Reserve has enough wildlife-watching opportunities to last a lifetime.  Contact us today and get your free Peru trip quote.  At Kuoda Travel, all trips are custom and personally designed for you by one of our professional travel experts.

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