Attractions & Activities In Ica & Huacachina Oasis


Already conquered the snowy slopes and searching for your next extreme sport challenge? How about desert sandboarding in Huachachina? There is no better place on the planet to practice this adventurous sport than in the Ica/Huacachina region of Peru, where the giant and plentiful sand dunes are ripe for gliding down.

Beginners to the sport are encouraged to start out on their stomachs, as though they were sledding. Then, once you get the feel for the board, you can attempt runs upright, first on the gentler slopes before graduating to the longer, more challenging sand pistes. Whether you are a snowboarder looking for off-season kicks or just a curious traveler looking for a buzz, Huacachina sandboarding will be an exhilarating addition to your private Peru holiday. The adventure sports you can participate on these spectacular sand dunes are an amazing thrill ride. However, there is a lot more to offer than just the adrenaline pumping side to things; these enormous sand dunes are beautiful and mesmerizing. A tour into this area feels like an surreal experience, almost as if you were visiting the surface of another planet.

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