Kicker Rock

Attractions & Activities In The Galapagos Islands


This 460-foot rock formations rises out of the ocean, just off San Cristobál Island. It’s got two names, which – depending on what way you look at it – reflect its appearance. The first, Kicker Rock, is because it resembles a gumboot; the other, sleeping lion, is well… self-explanatory!

From afar, the rock may look empty, but as you get closer you’ll see swarms of frigate birds, blue-footed and Nazca boobies nesting there as well as the odd sea lion taking a breather down below. What most visitors come to see, however, are the creatures that lurk underwater. You’ll need to don snorkeling or scuba gear as well as a wetsuit to see what’s happening below the surface as water temperatures can be cold. Common sightings including eagle rays and white-tipped reef sharks. If you’re really lucky you may even find yourself floating alongside a hammerhead shark, sea turtle or even a playful young sea lion.

The best time to go diving around Kicker Rock is between December and May, when waters are warmer and clear, giving snorkelers increased visibility. Though should you brave it in colder weather, the abundant wildlife you’ll find milling around underwater will make you quickly forget about the bracing water temperatures.

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