Otavalo and its Market

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Located in the Imabura province of Ecuador, the town of Otavalo is encircled by formidable volcanic peaks. It’s mostly indigenous inhabitants would once have made a living farming the surrounding lands, but the town’s economy now centers on its world-famous textile and crafts market. In fact, the popularity of the market has spurred on the local tourist industry and hotels, restaurants and local tour services now cater to the growing influx of visitors.

The busies market day is Saturday when stalls take over more than a third of the town, and visitors come from far and wide to purchase ponchos, blankets, wall hangings, sweaters and even carpets from the local entrepreneurs. Scour the stalls, which are piled high with textiles and get haggling!

What started as just an unassuming village market is now one of the busiest and best in the country. As a result, Otavaleños are now among Latin America’s most economically successful indigenous groups – they even market their textiles worldwide. Check out the artistry of their products for yourself during your personalized tour to Ecuador’s Textile Capital.

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