Cotopaxi Volcano

Attractions & Activities In Cotopaxi, The Avenue Of Volcanoes


At 19,347 feet, the massive glacier-capped volcano of Cotopaxi is listed among the highest in the world and also has the distinction of being Ecuador’s second-highest peak. This snow-clad beast, found just 30 miles south of Ecuador’s capital Quito, is no sleeping giant. It has erupted more than 50 times since the mid-18th century, and has shown signs of activity as recently as August 2015!

It’s part of the famed Pacific Ring of Fire and is capped with the kind of almost perfectly symmetrical central cone. For the indigenous Andean pre-Inca people, it was a hallowed site believed to be the dwelling place of the gods.

Cotopaxi tempts many climbers – as many as 100 every weekend – who want to conquer the formidable peak. But before you embark it’s worth bearing in mind that this is not a gentle climb; you’ll be required you to don crampons and use ice axes to reach the top safely.

Whether you’re up for the climbing challenge or just want to witness the mighty volcano from afar, it’s worth spending a day or two at Cotopaxi during your personalized tour of Ecuador.

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