UNESCO World Heritage Site



In 1987, the city of Potosí was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognizing the historical and cultural value of the mine complex as well as the adjacent colonial town, which includes the very first mint in the Americas. Also encompasses within the UNESCO-listed site are the workers’ quarters, the San Lorenzo Church and a few of the opulent colonial houses where those who made their fortune from mines would have lived.

Recently, however, Potosí’s UNESCO status has come under threat. UNESCO have deemed the site “in danger,” citing the poor mining practices and presence of unstable and dangerous mines that could potentially collapse. UNESCO also called into question the potential degradation of the site, suggesting that conservation efforts and inefficient enforcement of preservation rules could damage its historic value.

Away from the mines, Potosí’s fascinating history is still intact, with its grand colonial architecture and mansions hinting at its former wealth. Visiting Potosí as part of an exclusive tour of Bolivia offers a window into an older era when this city was booming.

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