Bolivia Luxury Travel Guide Where To Eat and Stay

Bolivia Luxury Travel Guide Where To Eat and Stay

Bolivia has often been misunderstood as a destination with little to no luxury offerings, but in reality – with an increase of interest in international tourism, innovation in the chefs and cooking styles throughout the country, and prominent hotel designers looking to make their mark on this untouched South American country, Bolivia luxury travel has entered an unprecedented era. The country is eager to welcome travelers looking for elevated experiences beyond just exploring the Andes mountains. Ready to enjoy luxury travel to Bolivia? Let Kuoda put one of these awe-inspiring hotels and restaurants on your itinerary to experience the best of luxury travel to Bolivia.

– Where to stay in Bolivia:

Exploring the Bolivian Andes or experiencing the breathtaking wonders of Uyuni doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, convenience, and quality. Luxury travel to Bolivia starts with your accommodation and ensuring personalization and comfort are priorities. In Bolivia, luxury amenities are met with sweeping views of Bolivia’s most incredible wonders.

• Kachi Lodge

Kachi Lodge

Kachi Lodge is the first luxury lodge of its kind on the Uyuni Salt Flats. Sitting at the base of the Tunupa volcano, it consists of 6 glamping domes and one oversized lounge dome, all sitting atop a wooden deck. Each glamping dome is a 300-square-foot private bedroom with a private bathroom, running hot water, proper heating from a pellet stove and a luxurious interior with every detail attended to. The beds, for example, are centrally placed for the best views of the night sky. They’re fitted with the most comfortable, state-of-the-art bedding, including a handmade woven blanket made of naturally dyed llama and alpaca wool and a pair of cushions designed and made in La Paz by Andi’Art.

That penchant for detail extends to the bespoke furniture around the room, which is crafted from regional materials. Handcrafted lamps made from reclaimed cactus wood can be found on either side of the bed, the small tables by the bay windows are sculpted of Bolivian wood, and each room has its own unique painting by internationally known, Bolivian-born artist, Gaston Ugalde.

• ATIX Hotel

Atix Hotel

Since opening its doors in 2016, Atix has quickly established itself as a major player in Bolivia’s luxury travel scene and a prominent feature of Bolivian architecture. Boasting an eccentric modern facade and a range of eclectic artwork from Bolivian artists, this quirky five-star hotel offers unbridled opulence while paying homage to the country’s distinct cultural heritage.

The friendly lobby staff are bilingual and will supply guests anything from advice on local dining to oxygen bottles for anyone struggling to acclimatize.  There are 53 rooms split over five size categories, all with top-quality beds, good-sized desks, comfortable chairs and windows that open. Larger corner suites have small balconies decorated with cool, very colorful artworks. Guests can  also indulge in a fine-dining, in-house restaurant, sip on cocktails in their trendy top-floor cocktail bar, or take a dip in their stylish indoor infinity pool while enjoying the beautiful Bolivian capital of La Paz.

• MET Hotel La Paz

Met Hotel

Overlooking the Andes mountains and with panoramic views over the city, the MET Hotel combines contemporary design with a strong reference to Bolivian culture in this vibrant concept that feels right at home in the cool Calacoto neighborhood.

The Panorama Hospitality Group, the team behind Bolivia’s most awarded and first design hotel, Atix, has added to its Bolivian portfolio with the opening of MET Hotel in Calacoto, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city.

At an elevation of more than 3,600 meters above sea level, La Paz is known as the city that touches the clouds and is the gateway to the otherworldly Salar de Uyuni salt flats and the Bolivian wine country. Overlooking the Andes Mountains, the hotel is centrally located to Mi Teleférico, an aerial cable car that offers epic views of the city. The property hosts 76 guestrooms which include a penthouse suite. The premier MET Penthouse is a two-room suite with the perfect combination of panoramic views over La Paz on the outside and a carefully curated art collection featuring local artists on the inside. Modern accent décor pieces such as the pillows celebrate the rich weavings from the Jalq’a culture in Southern Bolivia and the bedroom rug patterns take inspiration from local historic textiles from Tiwanaku, an ancient city and sacred site consisting of former pyramids and enclosures, gateways, and monuments located in western Bolivia near the southeast shore of Lake Titicaca.

• Palacio De Sal

Palacio de Sal

Luxury and otherworldliness come together in Bolivia’s first-ever hotel made entirely out of salt. Located at the edge of the Salt Flats of Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flats, El Palacio de Sal is a luxury, 30-room complex that provides guests with a unique way to experience the famed salt flats, complete with the latest modern amenities. Among the salty facilities are a fully-stocked bar, a sauna and spa, a swimming pool, and even an 18-hole golf course.

The hotel blends effortlessly into its dramatic surroundings by incorporating salt into every element of the design. The walls, ceilings, furniture, and more are made of salt, while in the public areas, salt sculptures by Bolivian artists make eye-catching focal points.

It’s found just over 15 miles from the city of Uyuni in southwest Bolivia and enjoys a dramatic, remote setting on the banks of the world’s biggest salt flats, the Salar de Uyuni. The hotel is ideally located for relaxing in the starkest of settings, and for starting or finishing a tour of the salt flats – one of Bolivia’s prime tourist attractions.

– Where to eat in Bolivia:

Bolivia has become one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the Andean Region. Creativity and innovation are leading the charge, with world-famous chefs taking traditional techniques and local ingredients in exciting new directions. Haute cuisine has grown exponentially in the country as visitors and locals alike seek out the most exquisite dining experiences.

If you want to sample Bolivian fine dining for yourself, here are the restaurants you must visit:

• Gustu


Celebrated as one of the best restaurants in South America, Gustu has been a crowd favorite since its opening in 2013. Gustu is the Quechua word for flavor, and at this restaurant – the chefs aim to reinvent Bolivian cuisine using locally sourced produce that showcases the excellence of Bolivian raw resources, as well as refined products like coffee, wine, and beer. Bolivia has more than one thousand varieties of potatoes and a dizzying array of fruits, vegetables, and herbs not grown anywhere else in the world – making for an excellent opportunity for the chefs at Gustu to bring together the country’s diverse food selection.

Gustu offers a high-end tasting menu as well as single dishes. Gustu is one of the various projects of the Melting Pot Foundation founded by Claus Meyer with the ideal of promoting Bolivian gastronomy and creating the skills to drive a new industry around the world of gastronomy.

• Ona


Ona is an ancient Pukina word meaning ‘gift’ and Ona is a gift to La Paz’s fine dining scene. It is located at the top of Atix Hotel and is led by a team of passionate Bolivian chefs.

Using only fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients, the chefs have designed an exciting menu inspired by the culinary traditions of Bolivia. Expect to see unique ingredients and contemporary twists on traditional dishes. The atmospheric restaurant and attentive staff make this the perfect spot for a romantic meal, especially if you’re also staying at the luxury hotel.

• Ali Pacha


Vegans and vegetarians rejoice – you can experience fine dining in Bolivia, too. Ali Pacha offers plant-based fine dining, with options for a three, five, or seven-course vegan tasting menu. Sustainability is of utmost importance to the chefs here. They are committed to using ingredients in a way that is respectful to both the natural environment and the farmers/producers. For Ali Pacha this means avoiding over-produced ingredients and instead taking advantage of Bolivia’s incredible vegetable diversity. The restaurant aims to bridge the gap between restaurant-goers and the communities in which their food is coming from – with an emphasis on sustainability and culture.

The restaurant can be found in La Paz’s old-town area, a few blocks from the Plaza Murillo, with the aim of reviving and enhancing downtown La Paz.

Sustainable, boutique, personalized – luxury travel to Bolivia is more accessible now than ever before. At the intersection of food, culture, sustainability, and boutique luxury, Bolivia is ready to welcome you – and Kuoda is ready to take you there. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you plan your next adventure to Bolivia.

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