An Out of This World Chile Travel Itinerary: 10-Days Exploring Deserts, Lakes, and Mars-Like Landscapes

A Foodie’s Guide To Peruvian Fusion Cuisine in Lima -2An Out of This World Chile Travel Itinerary 10-Days Exploring Deserts Lakes and Mars-Like Landscapes

For the intrepid traveler seeking an odyssey into the extraordinary, your Chile travel itinerary promises to utterly dazzle the senses with landscapes so surreal and sublime, they appear practically out of this world. This slender nation arcing along South America’s Pacific coast is a kaleidoscope of nature’s greatest spectacles — from the Atacama’s amber-hued valleys and twisted rock formations that evoke the surface of Mars to the snow-tipped volcanic peaks, glittering azure lakes, and mighty glaciers of Patagonia.

On a bespoke adventure exploring these landscapes with Kuoda, you’ll embark on an unforgettable 10-day itinerary that allows you to experience Chile’s most extraordinary natural treasures. This is a journey designed to inspire awe and wonder at every turn, taking you from sea to desert to soaring mountains through some of the most surreal and marvelous scenery on planet Earth. Along the way, you’ll savor innovative cuisine and stay in distinctive boutique hotels seamlessly blending local aesthetics with luxury amenities. Sounds like a plan? Send us a message to learn how to get started planning your Chilean adventure and read on to learn more about what a jaw-dropping, adventure-focused trip to Chile looks like with Kuoda.

Before you go:

A few tips to prepare for your out-of-this-world adventure: Be ready for extreme climate variations from searing desert heat to sub-freezing alpine temperatures, and pack plenty of layers and sun protection. You’ll want durable hiking boots to explore rocky trails and terrain. U.S. dollars are widely accepted but having some Chilean pesos is also handy, especially for smaller purchases. Above all, arrive with an open spirit of adventure and a willingness to be utterly amazed.

The Itinerary:

Day 1: Santiago

Santiago, source La Reve Boutique Hotel

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Your odyssey begins in Chile’s cosmopolitan capital of Santiago, a modern and stylish city of arts and gastronomy cradled by the towering Andean peaks. Settle in at La Reve Boutique Hotel, an elegant 19th-century mansion covered in ivy and set around a peaceful courtyard in the leafy district of Providencia. The Gallic name and design is a nod to the French-style architecture of the property, and the tranquil atmosphere is a welcome break from the busy city. Unwind from your travels with a stroll through the lively centro, browsing local markets, people-watching in verdant plazas, and indulging in Santiago’s exceptional culinary scene. Dine on refined Chilean-French fare at Restaurante 040.

Day 2: Valparaíso

A short drive west brings you to the colorful, bohemian seaport city of Valparaíso. Staying at the chic Palacio Astoreca Hotel in the heart of the historic district, you’ll have sweeping views of this unique and charismatic UNESCO World Heritage site that seems to tumble down the hillsides to the Pacific. Its lively maze of winding streets is lined with historic multi-colored homes and buildings splashed with whimsical street art, and historic hillside elevators known as ascensores. Explore the vibrant markets, watch the docking fishing boats unload their fresh catches, and soak in the infectious energy and creative spirit. Savor innovative seafood dishes at one of the city’s celebrated eateries like Eau Glacée.

Days 3-5: The Mars-Like Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert

Leaving the lush central valley behind, you’ll fly north to the remote desert oasis town of San Pedro de Atacama. For the next three nights, you’ll stay at the exclusive Awasi Atacama lodge just outside of town. This intimate luxury property features just twelve suites, each with its own private guide and 4×4, allowing you to experience the Atacama’s unearthly landscapes at your own pace. Over these three days, discover an environment so vividly bizarre, you’ll feel you’ve stumbled onto another planet, glimpsing sights that mimic scenes from Mars.

Explore twisted rock formations in kaleidoscopic shades sculpted by desert winds, and the Valley of the Moon’s sprawling dunes rising up like craters of the red planet. Visit El Tatio’s sputtering geysers and the vast, shimmering salt flats extending to the horizon. Watch sunsets paint the landscapes in fiery hues and stargaze at night under brilliant, star-studded skies. You’ll gain insight into the region’s indigenous Atacameño culture and celestial traditions. Refuel each evening with innovative Atacama-influenced cuisine at Awasi’s restaurant.

Days 6-8: The Breathtaking Lakes and Volcanoes of Patagonia

Bidding farewell to the arid Atacama, you’ll venture into the lush Lakes Region of Chilean Patagonia where azure lakes and rivers wind through soaring, snow-tipped volcanic peaks. For three nights, you’ll stay at the exceptional Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira, an intimate all-inclusive experiential lodge set on sublime grounds near Pucón.

Over the next few days, choose from immersive outdoor adventures and excursions. Go hiking through verdant Huerquehue National Park, charter a private boat sailing Villarrica Lake with views of the snow-capped Villarrica Volcano, go fly fishing in glacial rivers, or take a scenic helicopter tour over the Andes.

You can also indulge in Vira Vira’s culinary experiences like farm tours, cooking classes, and wine tastings of prestigious Chilean vintages. In the evenings, delight your palate with exceptional farm-to-table cuisine sourced from on-site gardens and local purveyors cooked over traditional fires.

Day 9: Santiago


On your final full day, return to Santiago’s chic Lastarria neighborhood and celebrate your journey. The city offers renowned restaurants to indulge in Pacific seafood, prime Chilean beef asados, and world-class wines from vintners in nearby valleys.

Day 10: Homeward Bound

Depart Santiago with a profound sense of wonder after experiencing the magic of Chile’s otherworldly landscapes. From the Mars-like Atacama Desert to the soaring peaks and sapphire lakes of Patagonia, you’ve traveled to extraordinary worlds that most could never imagine.

Experience the sublime beauty of Chile at its most magical and unexpected while staying in distinctive boutique hotels seamlessly blending local culture with world-class amenities and service. Get ready to be in awe by landscapes beyond your wildest dreams and give Chile a chance to dazzle you with its breathtaking adventures. Reach out to Kuoda today to get started planning your custom itinerary.

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