The Ultimate Bucket List for Your Trip to Peru (Part 2)

If you read Part 1 of this bucket list series, you’re already well on your way to discovering the variety of unique adventures to be had in Peru. In this article, we share five more must-have experiences for your custom Peru tour.  From soaring over giant geoglyphs in Nazca to sitting down for a tasty meal at a “world’s best” restaurant in Lima, this list has something for everyone and covers exactly what any bucket list trip to Peru should include.

1. Fly over the Nazca Lines

Nazca lines

As enigmatic as they are massive, the Nazca Lines in Southern Peru are a must-see and the best way to do it is from the seat of a single-engine airplane. While archaeologists and historians are still scratching their heads over why these geoglyphs exist, the rest of us are just trying to grasp the fact that they’ve managed to maintain their shape since 600 A.D.

2. Sandboard in Huacachina


With nothing but towering sand dunes as far as the eye can see, Peru’s Atacama Desert in Ica mind as well have been created for the sole purpose of sandboarding and thrilling dune buggy rides. Feet first, head first, standing up, you decide how you dare to glide down the seriously steep sandy slopes. It’s just the right amount of terrifying to be incredibly fun.

3. Relax on the beach in Northern Peru


Save a visit to Peru’s Northern Coast for the end of your trip. Muscles soar from days of trekking and bodies tired from the series of early mornings and late nights, the beaches of Northern Peru are the perfect remedy to relax and restore. From Trujillo to Mancora and the beaches of Tumbes, there’s plenty of white sand and refreshing ocean for everyone. If you don’t need a rest, there’s also a host of water sports to enjoy from surfing to diving, paddle boarding, and windsurfing, and from July to November the humpback whales make their annual migration, meaning plenty of whale sightings to keep things interesting.

4. Sleep in a Jungle Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest

Enjoy Amazon

A visit to the Amazon Rainforest of Peru is nearly as bucket list worthy as seeing Machu Picchu after a four-day trek. The jungle is alive with birds, mammals, and insects of every size, not to mention beautiful jungle lodges to call home base during your stay. Wake to the sound of howler monkeys calling from the canopies and fall asleep dreaming about the ocelots, caimans, macaws, and harpy eagles your guide expertly sighted on your day’s jungle treks and excursions.

5. Dine at One of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants


This list would not be complete without a nod to Lima’s world-class restaurant scene. Not only has Peru taken the top spot as the world’s best culinary destination multiple years in a row, but Lima is home to three restaurants on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, including Central (No. 5), Maido (No. 8), and Astrid y Gaston (No. 33). We can help you to make a reservation for what very well may end up being one of the best dining experiences of your life.

Tie It All Together With a Kuoda Travel Designer

Now that we’ve laid out the bucket list items for any trip to Peru (did you read Part 1?), you may be wondering how to best string them all together. Our team of expert travel designers can help you do just that in a way that suits you and your travel companions to a tee. Reach out to us today to begin planning your tailor-made Peru itinerary chock-full of bucket list adventures and experiences.

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