5 Itineraries For The Ultimate 2 Week Luxury Trip To Ecuador

5 Itineraries For The Ultimate 2 Week Luxury Trip To Ecuador

When you dream of the ultimate luxury trip to Ecuador, what comes to mind? Maybe you imagine a quick trip to the Galapagos and a pit stop in Quito for a day or two. But why not dream bigger?

Discovering all the magic of Ecuador is not something that should be done in a short weekend getaway. Travelers looking to immerse themselves in this colorful South American destination should take their time, wandering from city to city on a slow travel excursion. The Kuoda travel experience is one that allows visitors to take a deep breath in every new destination. In order to enjoy a meaningful vacation, travelers need to take their time mingling with the locals and strolling across the vivid landscapes.

There is so much to encounter in Ecuador. From the Galapagos Islands humming with the energy of rare life forms to the historic cities where ancient communities once walked this nation offers an exciting array of adventures. In order to see them all, your trip will need to be perfectly balanced, lingering just long enough to truly appreciate your surroundings while making time for every bucket list site. These five destinations should serve as an excellent source of inspiration for your luxury trip to Ecuador! Find one that fits your travel wishes best, or mix and match the dream escape with a customized trip crafted by a Kuoda travel expert.

The Best Ecuador Itineraries for First-Time Travelers

If you are planning a trip to Ecuador for the first time ever, then these itineraries are perfect for you. See a little bit of everything this diverse country has to offer, from astonishing wildlife to charming cities. Embarking on a luxury trip to Ecuador for the first time should be full of unforgettable first-time moments, just like the ones in these signature adventures.

• Extraordinary Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Extraordinary Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands


If traveling to the Galapagos Islands is at the top of your bucket list, but you still want to uncover some unique Ecuadorian history, this trip is for you. The Extraordinary Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands itinerary is balanced for nature lovers who also want to learn about the culture of Ecuador. Spend a few days exploring the high-altitude capital city, Quito, one of the oldest South American cities and a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Then set sail on a luxury cruise to the Galapagos Islands where the wildest natural scenes await. This isolated archipelago is home to strange and special creatures like giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, Galapagos penguins, marine iguanas, and more. Spend your days snorkeling, hiking, and interacting with the mellow animal inhabitants sailing from island to island on a deluxe yacht. Once you return to Ecuador’s mainland, confront even more rare natural scenery as you explore the Amazon Jungle. You’ll also be given the rare opportunity to mingle with Ecuadorian Amazonian communities and learn about this isolated indigenous group who have made the rainforest their home.

Get inspired by this sample 16-day itinerary here.

• A Journey to the Past of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

A Journey to the Past of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands


Travelers who enjoy an action-packed trip that touches on the history, culture, nature, and local lifestyle of a destination will love this itinerary. A Journey to the Past of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands is curated for first-time travelers who wish to see as much as possible in their two-week trip to South America. This luxury trip to Ecuador will immerse travelers in some of the country’s most notable sites with a few hidden gems along the way.

Start in the coastal town of Guayaquil, full of old cobblestone streets and narrow lanes that will take you back in time. Climb aboard a luxury train ride through the Ecuadorian countryside, peeking out the windows at the infamous “Avenue of Volcanoes” and watching the majestic landscape unfold around you. In Ecuador’s capital city, Quito, you will be treated to a private city tour learning about the daily routine of ancient residents.

Don’t forget to stop at one of Ecuador’s finest dining establishments, like Nuema, Chef Alejandro Chamorro’s innovative restaurant serving elevated local cuisine. Stay overnight in an authentic hacienda and dive into a cultural experience you’ll be talking about for years to come. And, of course, any first-time trip to Ecuador should include an excursion through the Galapagos Islands. You will enjoy a few days on your very own luxury cruise through this breathtaking archipelago, full of native lifeforms you cannot find anywhere else on Earth.

Want to see even more while you’re traveling through Ecuador? Don’t worry! If this itinerary is missing any of your bucket-list experiences, you can customize the trip and curate the perfect Ecuadorian escape.

Discover all the details of this 15-day itinerary here.

Experience Ecuador on a Deeper Level with these Unique Itineraries

Whether you are visiting Ecuador for a second time, or you are looking for a trip that is slightly more curated, these itineraries allow you to explore Ecuador through a more tailored lens.

• The Wondrous Wildlife of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

The Wondrous Wildlife of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands


This itinerary is perfect for nature lovers who wish to spend their two weeks in Ecuador immersed in majestic outdoor landscapes. Begin your journey in the historic capital city of Quito, an exciting first stop that will allow you to relax and adjust before you start the action-packed adventure. Discover the magic of the Ecuadorian rainforest with an overnight trip to the luxurious Mashpi Lodge. Here you can head into the jungle and study the flora and fauna that thrives in this dense ecosystem. The mysteries that lie within this cloud forest are vast and wonderful, luring in the most curious travelers. Trade the tall canopies for steep peaks in Cotopaxi National Park, where travelers will hike amongst active volcanoes.

And for the grand finale of this luxury trip to Ecuador, sail on a tour of the Galapagos Islands. Spend a full five days immersed in the diverse islands of this evolutionary wonder, traversing through the wildly unique terrains that every individual island is known for. Lush greenery, rocky cliffs, white sandy beaches, and more are waiting to be explored. You can even customize this itinerary if you want to spend more time in any given destination, or have requests for what Ecuadorian natural wonder you’d like to see!

Get a first look at this 14-day outdoor adventure here.

• A Cultural Introduction to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

A Cultural Introduction to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands


While some travelers love nature, others want to be immersed in history and culture during a vacation. This itinerary is designed for that exact reason! A Cultural Introduction to Ecuador and the Galapagos is perfect for people who are curious about the local communities throughout this country and want to feel history come alive while they travel. Explore the most notable cities and regions of Ecuador through the lens of a historian, mingling with locals, learning about ancient customs, and wandering through towns that feel like living museums.

Start in Quito, of South America’s oldest cities riddled with secrets and historic stories to uncover during a private tour. Drive across the country exploring local communities along the way before you reach one of the many highlights of this trip – an authentic hacienda. Here you will get a chance to embrace the life of an Andean rancher. Exploring the nearby towns and landmarks will allow you to see some lesser-known ancient sites like the ancient pyramids of the Caranqui culture from the 13th century. Small towns give way to sleeping giants in Cotopaxi National Park, where the iconic Cotopaxi volcano awaits.

Journey across the Ecuadorian countryside, stopping to learn about landmarks such as Ingapirca, the best preserved Inca-ruins in Ecuador. History truly decorates the landscapes in Ecuador, so you will have plenty of opportunities to step back in time and explore how modern life overlaps with ancient culture. In Cuenca, you will spend time exploring the artistic and cultural center of Ecuador. This colonial city is full of artisanal markets as well, so it’s the perfect place to shop for souvenirs! After a brief day trip to Guayaquil, you will make your way to the Galapagos and see these islands as Charles Darwin once did during his first trip to the archipelago.

Learn more about what adventures are on this 17-day excursion here.

Experience the Unknown Side of Ecuador with this Itinerary

After visiting Ecuador a few times, you may be in search of something a little more unexpected during your travels. Don’t worry, this destination has plenty to offer those who wish to reveal Ecuador’s less iconic destinations.

• Ecuador to the Avenue of Volcanoes

Ecuador to the Avenue of Volcanoes


If you are ready to discover the secrets of the Ecuadorean countryside that are often overlooked by tourists, this itinerary is for you. Start this luxury trip to Ecuador with a visit to Quito, where you will be surrounded by some of the oldest architecture on the continent. Take a private city tour to discover the secrets hidden within the charming cobblestone streets and alleys. Talk to the locals while you explore the nearby artisan markets where you can study and shop in one of the world’s oldest markets.

Leave city life behind and venture into the countryside where you will discover Ecuador’s Avenue of the Volcanoes. The journey through this majestic scenery will also be full of ancient archaeological discoveries that remind travelers of the Incan empire that once ruled here. You will even be able to visit the natural hot springs in Papallacta and explore the neighboring ecological reserve.

This 11-day itinerary is one that allows travelers to go slow, enjoying a luxurious amount of time in each destination while learning about the lesser-known sites throughout Ecuador. See all that’s offered on this itinerary here.

Whether you’re traveling to Ecuador for the first time or revisiting one of your favorite South American destinations, get inspired by our collection of customizable itineraries highlighting all the unique elements of Ecuador! Then, when you’re ready, talk to one of our travel designers and we will help plan every detail.

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