Discover The Mystery of Chile On This Magical 9-Day Historical Easter Island Tour

Discover The Mystery of Chile On This Magical 9-Day Historical Easter Island Tour

Isolated in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, over 2,000 miles from the nearest inhabited land, lies one of the world’s most enigmatic archaeological wonders – Easter Island. On an Easter Island tour, visitors can discover this remote speck of land, known by its Polynesian name Rapa Nui, which has beckoned explorers and scholars for centuries with its magnificent ancient stone moai and the mysteries surrounding their creators.

Embark on a distinctive 9-day historical tour with Kuoda Travel that delves into the fascinating past of this UNESCO World Heritage site in the midst of an otherworldly volcanic landscape. You’ll experience the magic of Easter Island while also discovering the incredible natural treasures of Chilean Patagonia. This bucket-list adventure is customizable based on your travel preferences and needs – get in touch with Kuoda today to start planning your adventure and read on to learn more about what this journey to Easter Island could look like, for a 9 day trip discovering the magic of this incredible region.

Before You Go

To prepare for your journey to Easter Island and the Chilean Lake District, pack for a range of climates, from the temperate conditions of Santiago to the subtropical warmth of Easter Island and the cooler, alpine-like weather in Patagonia. Comfortable hiking boots, breathable clothing, sun protection, and a waterproof jacket are essential. Don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning landscapes and historical sites. A reusable water bottle and eco-friendly toiletries will help you stay hydrated and minimize your environmental impact. Bring some Chilean pesos for small purchases, as credit cards may not be accepted everywhere.

The Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Santiago, Chile

Arrival in Santiago, Chile

Welcome to Chile! After landing in the cosmopolitan capital of Santiago, you’ll be transferred to The Singular Santiago, a stunning luxury hotel housed in the city’s iconic 20th-century building “El Edificio Castellano.” Settle into your chic accommodations in this prime location in the Lastarria neighborhood, surrounded by colorful neoclassical buildings, lovely plazas, and a thriving culinary scene. Spend the rest of the day relaxing or explore Santiago’s bohemian charms on a guided walking tour.

Day 2-3: Puerto Varas, Chilean Lake District

Your first stop is the breathtaking Chilean Lake District, one of the most spectacularly scenic regions in all of South America. Fly south to the town of Puerto Varas, a charming Germanic-influenced village with an alpinesque ambiance, set along the shimmering shores of Llanquihue Lake. The next two nights you’ll stay at the incredible Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira, a sublime experiential lodge spread across lush grounds with farm-to-table dining and endless outdoor adventures.

While here, embark on scenic adventures handpicked by Vira Vira’s expert guides like horseback riding treks through ancient forests and national parks, hiking tours of nearby nature reserves full of waterfalls, and kayaking on brilliant blue lakes flanked by snow-capped volcanic peaks. Tour local farms and artisan workshops, indulge in wine tastings, and savor unforgettable meals prepared from the organic gardens, farms, and hot springs on the hacienda’s grounds.

Day 4: Puerto Varas to Santiago

Puerto Varas to Santiago

Bid a fond farewell to the stunning lakes and volcanoes of Patagonia as you return to sophisticated Santiago before continuing your Easter Island voyage. Spend one last evening savoring Chilean flavors at a lauded restaurant. Consider the innovative multi-course tasting menu at Boragó, where creative hyper-local dishes incorporate unique indigenous ingredients, or more casual fare at sustainable hotspot Ambrosía highlighting fresh produce from local farms and purveyors.

Day 5: Santiago to Easter Island

This morning, embark on your highly anticipated journey out into the vast Pacific Ocean to explore the remote Easter Island territory and its world-famous archaeological wonders. After a five-hour flight, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views descending onto this isolated speck of land – rolling green landscapes and mysterious stone figures etched into the rugged coastlines and hills.

Upon arrival, you’ll settle into your accommodations at the exclusive Explora Rapa Nui, an upscale adventure lodge located just steps from the archaeological sites. This sustainable property offers a perfect base for exploring the island’s ancient monuments and volcanic landscapes. After taking in your first soul-stirring Rapa Nui sunset over the Pacific, you’ll be primed for the coming days of mind-blowing archaeological revelations.

Day 6-7: Exploring the Magic of Easter Island

Exploring the Magic of Easter Island

Over the next two days, delve deeply into the secrets and stories carved into the extraordinary stones and landscapes of this remote island under the guidance of expert local Rapa Nui guides provided by Explora. You’ll visit the iconic, haunting stone moai monuments that rest between the island’s volcanic craters as well as the fallen moai scattered across the island in varying stages of construction and transportation.

It’s believed as many as 1,000 of these iconic carved human figures were meticulously crafted by the Rapa Nui people between 1250-1500 AD. Carved from volcanic rock, the moai were meant to honor ancestors and chieftains, with the largest weighing over 80 tons and standing up to 33 feet high. Your guide will explain the advanced engineering and methods used to carve, move, and carefully place these colossal statues.

You’ll also be able to step inside ancient stone dwellings and ceremonial sites used by the Rapa Nui for sacred rituals, gatherings, and petroglyphs, and learn about the long-lost Rongorongo script – one of the last undeciphered written languages in the world. Beyond the archaeological sites, Easter Island’s starkly beautiful volcanic landscapes are showcased at sites like the dramatic Rano Kau caldera and Rano Raraku, the very quarry where the moai were carved.

With your Explora guides, you can also opt for immersive outdoor adventures like hiking along coastal trails, snorkeling in crystal waters near the beach at Anakena, or mountain biking across the island. In the evenings, return to the lodge for lavish multi-course meals showcasing fresh seafood and locally-grown produce.

Day 8: Easter Island to Santiago

Bid farewell to the mystical Easter Island and its stone sentinels as you depart on your flight back to mainland Chile. Upon arrival in Santiago, spend one final evening savoring the culinary delights and lively nightlife of the Chilean capital’s trendy Lastarria neighborhood. Stroll along the colorful, tree-lined streets browsing artisan boutiques, cafes, and bars before settling in for tapas, cocktails, and live music at a lively spot like Bar Quintessence.

Day 9: Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

With your heart and mind full of unforgettable images and stories of Rapa Nui’s ancient wonders, depart Chile and begin your return journey home. You’ve experienced one of the most isolated and enigmatic archaeological sites in the world, a bucket-list voyage that very few travelers ever undertake. You’ve immersed yourself in the enduring mysteries and legacy behind the iconic moai stone figures that have drawn explorers and scholars for generations.

Beyond Easter Island, you’ve also discovered the incredible natural splendors and vibrant cultural traditions of continental Chile, from the stunning volcanic landscapes and adventures found in Patagonia’s Lake District to the sophisticated culinary scene and architectural beauty of Santiago. This 9-day journey with Kuoda Travel has allowed you to dig deeply into Chile’s storied past while simultaneously experiencing its thrilling present as a nation of staggering natural majesty, rich indigenous heritage, and warm hospitality.

There’s no doubt that the magic of Rapa Nui and the sacred, brooding moai gazing out across the Pacific Ocean have cast an indelible spell that will remain with you long after returning home. As you unpack the memories and share the tales, you’ll relish in the profound privilege of having experienced one of the great archaeological enigmas of our ancient world up-close and immersively on this unforgettable adventure.

Encounter the enduring mysteries of Easter Island with Kuoda and reach out to us today to get started planning your itinerary, your way – with our expert guides who will tailor this bucket list vacation to your preferences.

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