Best Time To Visit Argentina

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Located in the southern part of South America, Argentina is the second largest country in the continent after Brazil. Argentina borders with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean. It offers so much diversity with its high-altitude plains, lush green forests and gorgeous pristine lakes. The famous barbecues, delicious meats, rich wines and breathtaking natural landscapes are just a few things to look forward to when visit Argentina.

Argentina offers something for everyone from horseback riding in the summer to skiing in the winter a wonderful country that can be visited at any time of the year. There are just too many reasons not to miss this beautiful country in South America. We have summarized the best time for visit Argentina, depending on your personal travel goals.

How to visit Argentina

Tango Dance Argentina Travel

Argentina is well-known for its hospitality through the rich barbecue culture, the natural beauty and of course the tango! It also offers a variety of activities for all seasons hiking, skiing, wine tasting, shopping, and more. If you are considering to travel to Argentina, it is worth having a well planned itinerary, depending on what you want to do and what you want to experience. We at Kuoda specialize in tailor-made trips, and it is our mission to create unforgettable vacations! Get in touch with us today to start planning your trip.

Things to do in

Woman explores caves with kayak

• In Summer & Spring

Argentina is located in the southern hemisphere which means the spring and summer months are in October, November, December, and January. This is a great time to visit Argentina as it allows you to get the most out of your stay. Summer and spring are ideal seasons for doing all the outdoor activities in Argentina as it provides pleasant temperatures and sunny days. Popular activities that can be done during these seasons are hiking, kayaking and wine tasting.

• In Fall & Winter

April, May, July and August are the best months for outdoor winter activities in Argentina. Whether you prefer spending your time indoors, drinking a glass of Argentinian wine, in front of a warm cozy fire or spending your time in the snow, on the ski-slopes, being active and enjoying the winter sun the winter in Argentina has something for everyone. Skiing, snowboarding, tango, whale watching, and wine tasting are some of the activities that can be considered during these seasons.

When to Visit

Iguazu Falls Argentina Travel

• Patagonia

Patagonia is located in the southernmost region of South America, in Argentina and Chile. It extends from the Andes to the Atlantic. Patagonia is known world-wide for its landscapes, vast forest, natural reserves, national parks, glaciers and native wildlife. Summer and winter are both good seasons to visit Patagonia. January to March offers a completely different appeal to the months of July to August. The summer in Patagonia is fresh with lots of green lush forests and clear sunny days – perfect conditions for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. The winter covers the area in snow – which is ideal for skiing and snowboarding. The crowds of people are quite balanced throughout the whole year.

• Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls sits right at the border of Brazil and Argentina. Although you can get a bigger picture view of the falls from the Brazilian side, the Argentinian side offers the opportunity to get closer to the falls and to explore a larger area than the Brazilian side. Early fall or early spring are the best seasons to visit the Iguazu Falls. These months typically fall between March and April and again between August and September. The weather is better during spring and the crowds of people are smaller.

When to go

Horse riding in Patagonia

• Wine Tasting

From the famous vineyards in Mendoza to the highest vineyards in the world in Salta, Argentina offers you a collection of exclusive wine tours to experience. Argentina is famous for its Malbec, Torrontés, and Merlot wines, which can be tasted and compared during a customized wine tour – every wine lover’s dream! Visiting a wine farm and seeing how the production takes place will give a whole new appreciation to your wine drinking experience. October to December and April to June are the best months to do wine tasting in Argentina. The weather is the best during this time which supports the harvest. The popular National Grape Harvest Festival also takes place in March.

• Horseback Riding

A great way to explore Argentina’s diverse landscapes is through horseback riding. The vast cattle ranches, called estancias, have been passed down through families for many years. These estancias are very traditional and offer upmarket and relaxing horseback riding excursions. The end of spring and the beginning of summer are the best months for horseback riding in Argentina. These months fall between November to February and the warmer weather is perfect for exploring the horseback riding trials in the country.

Best Time for

Family in Perito Moreno

• Trekking

Argentina’s stunningly diverse landscapes, from the Andes to the rainforests, are home to a multitude of hiking trails. The best months for trekking in Argentina are in the summer between November and February as hiking conditions are the best during this time. Popular destinations for hiking include El Calafate, Cerro Arco, Cerro de la Cruz and Ushuaia. The summer in Argentina provides longer days and clear skies that make hiking much easier and enjoyable. It also offers incredible views, since there are little to no clouds, and clear starry nights.

• Sightseeing

To do sightseeing in Argentina it really depends on the weather and the crowds of people. The summer and shoulder months October through to April are the best months to visit as this period offers more variety. There are big distances between the different locations which means that different weather conditions and climates can be expected throughout the country. Although it is recommended to visit the country during the warmer months, there is still a lot to see during the winter season, too. Mendoza, Bariloche and Ushuaia are all great places to see during the colder months.

• Families

All seasons offer activities for families in Argentina. The winter months, from June to August, are great for playing in the snow, skiing and playing games in front of the fireplace, while mom and dad sip on some beautiful Argentinian wine. Spring, summer, and fall -from September to May – are great months for horseback riding, a trip to Ushuaia, and hiking. There are many activities to keep the whole family happy. It is best to check which seasons are the best to travel according to the excursions and expeditions that are accessible during that time.

• Couples

Between October and November as well as March to June the weather conditions and crowds are the most ideal for couples to travel in Argentina. You are guaranteed to find romance in the quieter locations in the country, or maybe you and your partner prefer adventurous outdoor activities and/or places with views or natural ambience to set the tone. There is definitely something for every couple to do and experience together in Argentina.

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