How to Enjoy the 3 Best Destinations For Wellness Travel in Chile

3 Best Destinations For Wellness Travel in Chile

As more and more travel opportunities open up, some travelers will crave big thrills and spontaneous adventures. Others will look for trips that allow them to hit as many historic landmarks as possible in one week. But what about trips meant to rest and restore your mind, body, and soul? What about a trip dedicated purely to your well-being? Allow us to introduce you to the best destinations for wellness travel in Chile, one of South America’s most biodiverse nations.

From barren deserts that seem otherworldly, to the lush terrain of Patagonia and beyond – Chile offers serenity in so many unique places. Your wellness trip will be full of opportunities to unplug and treat yourself to high-quality food, luxury accommodations, and restorative experiences for a vacation that actually leaves you feeling more energized when it’s over.

– Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

Enjoy the view of a sunrise in Torres del Paine in Tierra Patagonia

Seeing the landscapes of Patagonia in person is all you need to feel inspired and restored, but luckily, there’s a region in Chile that dedicates itself to taking wellness one step further. Torres del Paine is the alluring national park located in the Southern part of Patagonia, known for its snow-capped mountain peaks and glacial waters. People come from around the world just to see the views in this park. An icy sea of turquoise, the red and purple horns of a mountain, the imposing icebergs – all these natural wonders make this a cinematic backdrop to your peaceful vacation.

The park is decorated with trails perfect for a refreshing hike, giving you the chance to connect with nature and be present in your body. Some travelers will spend their entire trip here trekking through nature, immersed in the wondrous outdoors. But, when you’re on a luxury retreat, a few hours spent hiking is the perfect amount of time to explore.

The Cerro Paine trail is an intense but rewarding option, with one of the most majestic panoramic viewpoints in the park. For an even shorter excursion, take some time to wander to the Cuernos Lookout & Salto Grande. The trail will take about two hours round trip, as you soak up views of rolling hills, crystal waters, and striking mountains in the distance.

One of the best ways to unwind after exploring the scenery is with a nourishing spa treatment, and in Torres del Paine, there’s one hotel that provides the best services. The Tierra Patagonia is a luxurious hotel experience that gives you the chance to disconnect from the outside world as you immerse yourself in Patagonia’s raw beauty day and night. Elegant rooms that celebrate the wonderful natural elements just outside your door are the perfect place to rest each night.

When you’re ready to indulge, head to the hotel’s Uma Spa, with an outdoor and indoor pool as well as a steam room, encased in glass walls so you always maintain a connection to the Torres del Paine landscapes. You can also choose from a variety of facials, massages, and treatments intended to awaken your “prana” or life force, encouraging positive thoughts and well-being.

And, for a bit of cultural immersion that allows you to connect with nature as well as tradition, why not enjoy an afternoon on horseback with some local gauchos? Patagonia’s “estancia” culture has a long history and is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in Torres del Paine. Escorted by riders who spend their life on horseback, you’ll tour the most beautiful parts of Patagonia while learning about day-to-day ranch life here in Chile. There may even be a freshly prepared meal at the end to renew your energy! Torres del Paine really allows travelers to embrace every type of wellness activity there is – whether it’s connecting with nature, yourself, or the communities around you.

– Chilean Lake District

Chilean Lake District

A space to relax with friends in the Termas Geometricas of Chilean Lake

There are dozens of ways to enjoy the Chilean Lake District, with its varied landscapes that stretch across the southern region, from white-water rapid adventures to culinary-focused tours. But, when it comes to relaxing and restorative opportunities, this region offers some of the best wellness travel in Chile.

If your definition of “wellness travel” is limited to an all-inclusive 3-day yoga retreat, prepare for the Lake District to expand your entire worldview. Stunning waterfalls flow into peaceful rivers, Andean foothills provide picturesque natural oases, and the lakes offer a serene energy that allows travelers to melt their stress away while exploring such a beautiful destination.

When choosing where to stay, one of the best lodges for your wellness retreat is Uma Spa at Tierra Chiloé Spa & Wellness Hotel, guests can enjoy a relaxing spa session here at the hotel, whether that’s with a soothing treatment or simply bathing in the warm indoor or outdoor pools, which offer beautiful views of the inland sea. Enter the spa & wellness center and feel the cocoon-like ambiance wrap you in warmth and relaxation. Spend time in the seashell-like sauna and steam room, before taking a moment, or the whole afternoon) to admire the Pullao wetland views from a lounger.

For guests that prefer to enjoy a massage or body wrap, the spa can personalize treatments for you, using local natural ingredients which work in harmony to restore balance and energy.

One of the best places to go in this region for a 100% organic spa experience is the Termas Geometricas, a unique hot spring destination located in the twists and turns of a deep ravine stretching from Coñaripe to Villarrica Sur National Park. Explore twenty unique pools of mineral-rich hot springs that are known to provide natural healing to the body.

As you venture across the Lake District, be sure to take your time wandering through the rich landscapes. One excellent place to visit is the Conguillio National Park, filled with views of the Sierra Nevada, the Llaima Volcano, endemic flora and fauna, unique forests, and volcanic lakes around every turn. The Sierra Nevada trail is among the most popular in this park, and well worth a trip if you’re interested in getting in touch with Chile’s spectacular scenery.

– Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert

Panoramic view from the top in the Atacama Desert

If you want to completely disconnect from the outside world, the Atacama Desert is one of the best places in Chile to escape to. This otherworldly region has been compared to the likes of Earth’s moon and other planets across the solar system. Lunar landscapes surround you on all sides, and the high altitude makes you feel closer to the stars than ever. Tierra Atacama is an excellent choice if you wish to experience this region’s best wellness treatments in exquisite accommodations.

The Uma Spa is, of course, one of this hotel’s highlights, allowing guests to indulge in the waters of Chile while surrounded by magical views of the desert. There’s also a yoga area that allows you to practice your own flow while looking out across the Atacama.

When you’re ready to venture out into the expansive desert, you’ll have plenty of options for how to see the impressive scenery. Spend a day in the clouds with a hot air balloon ride over the Earth. You’ll be able to relax while enjoying views on all sides as your tour guide teaches you about the land and local communities that have survived here throughout time. Or, if you prefer to keep two feet on the ground, head out to the Los Flamencos National Park and take a tour of the Salar de Tara, known for the unique multi-colored lake, jagged rock formations, and impressive scenery.

In Atacama, once the sunsets – the real magic begins. This desert is known worldwide as one of the best stargazing destinations across the planet, thanks to the high altitude, clear skies, and lack of light pollution or overcrowded cities. Being able to take a deep breath and watch the universe above twirl around us is one of the most inspiring ways to deepen your connection with yourself and the world around you.

Some hotels, like Awasi Atacama – Relais & Châteaux, know how wonderful the stars are here and incorporate the sky into their design. At Awasi, you can drink and dine under the glass ceilings of their restaurant, as the light of the moon illuminates your experience. Or, if you want to completely immerse yourself in the elements, we can organize a camping excursion into the desert, where you can be fully isolated and experience the stars in their purest form.

Whether you prefer wellness retreats that are action-packed and full of natural exploration, or you’d like to spend your days meditating and indulging in spa treatments, Chile is full of unique destinations that allow you to treat yourself. As you begin to plan your very own escape, let us know what you want to enjoy on your dream wellness experience and we’ll curate the perfect vacation for you.

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