Awaken your Sense of Adventure with Rafting in Peru!

Awaken your Sense of Adventure with Rafting in Peru!

Have you considered adding some adrenaline to your Peru adventure? One of the more exciting activities that you can add to your Peru journey is white-water rafting! The best part about adding a rafting adventure to your trip is that it gets you out of your comfort zone, speeding down the river over exciting rapids while passing new and interesting landscapes only found in the Andes.

Rafting is an incredibly fun and hair-raising sport that requires teamwork and cooperation to get the most out of it. Our team here at Kuoda recently had the opportunity to go white-water rafting in the South Valley, giving us a chance to learn all about working as a team while having a great time together.

Before we set off, we had a short briefing with the guides where they instructed us in the signals used to let us know when to paddle on the right, when to paddle on the left, how to turn the raft, when to stop paddling, etc. Basically, you are placed in a large inflatable floating device, with the others in your private group, and given paddles, life jackets, and instructions on how to make the boat do what you want it to. Then you’re off! Some sections of the journey are mellow and lovely, your raft gently floating down a lazy river with beautiful landscapes and an Andean mountain backdrop. Then, as you approach the Class III and IV rapids, everyone springs into action, and your role is to do your best to work with your teammates and paddle for your lives while getting splashed from all sides!

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This experience will make you feel exhilarated as you cooperate with your group to safely navigate the churning, torrential waters together, and all come out in one piece. What we unexpectedly gained from our rafting adventure was a sense of real camaraderie with each other in a brand new setting. The other thing I gained was a sense of excitement and adventure from getting out of my comfort zone, trying something so thrilling and new.

There are many rafting adventures that we can offer, which range from half-day to multi-day excursions in very remote areas, with all sport and safety gear and wetsuits provided. If you are adding rafting to your Peru trip, we suggest you go with a half-day or full-day tour on the Rio Urubamba in the Sacred Valley or in the South Valley, which we can easily add to your Peru itinerary. You can also try rafting in the Colca Canyon, if you are visiting that region during your trip. No matter where you try your hand at rafting, it will be an unforgettable addition to your Peru adventure.

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