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Thank you very much for organizing our trip to Ecuador

Dear Mery,

We are now back in Sweden after 3,5 weeks abroad, first in Ecuador and then Florida. We thank you for very much for organizing our trip to Ecuador, we are very satisfied with everything and our guide in Quito was very pleasant and wellprepared. We really want to recommend you to our friends.We also hope that we will have the opportunity to once again visit South America. We havn´t been to Peru and hope that our next trip will go to Peru and  that you will have possibility to help us at that time.

Thanks again

Best regards

B. Jensen
February 2009

The Best Trip of our Lives

We’re finally getting settled back here in snowy, cold Michigan. The trip was amazing and we can’t thank you enough for the journey you put together for us. Definitely the best trip of our lives (so far)!  Greg put together an awesome gallery of our Peru photos. If you’re interested in seeing some of our photos and some commentary, feel free to take a look. We’ll be leaving this trip summary up for a few weeks, then we’ll be making it private. If you see any photos you would like to use, you have our permission.

Thanks again, Mery!

A. Hayhoe-Kruger
Florida, USA
January 2009

We are delighted with the trip…

We are delighted with the trip and will certainly tell others who ask about your company and the individualized assistance Kuoda offered in crafting the itinerary to our time constraints and interests. I am grateful for the special things we enjoyed because of each of the guides, drivers, and Kuoda consultants each one of you added something special to our enjoyment of Peru.

I wanted to let you know that we’re very pleased about our recent trip to Peru. In any case, all went very smoothly with our trip ….I was particularly impressed by Mery’s willingness to come out and get us from Ollantaytambo late one night other than waiting for us to arrive in Cusco. That saved my sleepyhead kids and us tired parents an hour of transit so that we could more easily meet our early commitment in the morning for the train…In any case, you can share with these guides, drivers, and other assistants that we had a more restful and enjoyable trip because of their skill and attention than we ever could’ve had if we’d been responsible for our own transportation and information and arrangement of everything!

I can’t imagine traveling internationally without huge amounts of help within the destination country. Thank you for being there and using your expertise, associates’ skills, and flexibility to navigate the Webb family through our pleasing itinerary. We’ll never forget it.

Webb Family
December 2006

Thank the two of you for everything…

Hi Michel and Mery.

I just want to send you a little greeting here from Chile. I am doing very well now!!! We just want to thank the two of you for everything. I think you did a wonderful job!! And the two of you are just great persons…. we were very satisfied!! I will miss the two of you! Take good care and I hope I will hear something from you! You were just great!!!

D. Rasmussen
June 2006

Kuoda Tours’ organization was excellent and very professional…

Kuoda Tours’ organization was excellent and very professional. The employers were always friendly and the guides were knowledgeable, and speak English very well. Better than I! I also work in tourism in Germany and I was happy to find this quality of service in Peru!

T. Maske
April 2006