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Thanks for showing us your beautiful country!


We thoroughly enjoyed our trip….  Machupicchu was amazing as we expected, Ollantaytambo and Sacsayhuaman were also wonderful…the llama farm, pottery and the visit to the village to take in the weaving exhibition were very fun and educational…   the train ride was tremendous and Juliaca/Puno was a real experience…what chaos…  besides Machupicchu, our favorite part of our trip was Lake Titicaca and Uros Islands…  we had an island to ourselves and we got to oar our own reed boat…  all of the hotels were great and very accommodating/comfortable!

Our mountainbike day was a lot of fun too and all of our guides were very helpful and informative….all “keepers”

On the negative side, the hotel in Puno was very loud at nighttime…we had a lot of trouble sleeping as the busy square below was bustling until after midnight every night…we might suggest that future guests be placed further away from the streetfront…   also, the dinner on the boat at Puno wasn’t that great…  we were the only ones there and the pathway to the ship from where we parked was unlit and actually dangerous…the wooden causeway onto the ship appeared to be in poor shape…  perhaps a dinner in town or on the waterfront elsewhere would have been better..

Overall we would rate this trip one of the best we’ve ever taken…and we’ve taken some amazing trips…   Peru is beautiful and we have already started recommending to our friends that they go and go through Kuoda… stay tuned, you may get some calls…   also, we are looking at Ecuador/Galapagos for 2010 and we will use Kuoda on that trip..

Thanks for showing us your beautiful country!   See you in 2010!

Ward Family
April 2009

We felt like we were royalty


Kenny and I just wanted to thank you again for the great trip you planned for us.  We could not have asked for a better time.  The hotels were excellent, and all of our guides and drivers were wonderful.  A nice surprise for us was the picnic lunch in Maras.  We were expecting to eat sandwiches from a brown bag, but instead, felt like we were royalty while enjoying our meal.

The trip was very educational for us.  I know that we could never have had the same experience on our own, or even with other tour companies.  Peru is a beautiful place, all of the people we came in contact with were very friendly, and maybe we will return one day.  We will recommend you and Kuoda Tours to anyone we can.

Thanks again,

P.S.  I’ve attached a couple of our many photos taken during the trip

K. Darce
April 2009

Kuoda has a family attitude and a pride in what you do

We’re sorry we’re late in our response to you-still catching up with “stuff” to do at home and work.  Your company could not have done one more thing to add to our enjoyment of your beautiful Peru.  From the first minute with Mitchel to the last one with him at the airport we felt like we were in good hands.  Every single person connected with Kuoda was attentive, thoughtful and friendly.  We so enjoyed our great time with Teddy and Raoul.  We never felt rushed or that they were getting impatient with us.  Teddy was a wonderful history teacher and we never worried when Raoul was at the wheel.  It was so great to be able to say to them “could you please stop a minute so I can get a photo”.  You sure can’t do that on a big tour bus.

The woven bottle holder from those sweet ladies in Chinchero was a thoughtful touch.  Raoul kept us supplied with ice cold water for them and those cold washclothes were very welcome also.  It felt like we were traveling around with two buddies.

We were so impressed that you took time to try to connect with all of your clients.  That’s unusual for the head of a company to take such an active interest.  We thoroughly enjoyed  meeting you at breakfast.  It went by way too fast!

A successful company always starts from the top and Kuoda Tours is proof of that.  Your enthusiasm for what you do really shows through you and your employees.  Kuoda has a family attitude and a pride in what you do.  Our time in Peru was that more special because of it.

Mucho Gracias!

Your friends,

Bob and Brenda Schmidt
March, 2009

Amazing Dream Trip

Dear Kuoda Staff,

Thank you for arranging our amazing dream trip! Peru marked my fiftieth country visit, and it was certainly one of my favorites! We appreciate your diligence during the pre and “in country” trip assistance. Your agency is the most professional and client-centered agency we’ve encountered globally. Muchas Gracias!

We loved all the heavenly accommodations, especially the Sol y Luna.  We were treated like royalty in this marvelous oasis. All guides, drivers, and planned excursions were executed with compassion, historical and cultural knowledge, and a commitment to customer service. For example, Jole was the efficient, friendly, and perfect planner to customize our trip to include a visit to an orphanage. She responded to all questions in a timely manner. She is the super sleuth of travel!

Gary’s guidance and plethora of knowledge about Peruvian history and culture helped us to see Machupicchu not only from tourists’ eyes but from the eyes of the past!

The durations of all included excursions were perfect; activity levels also matched our specific needs. We were treated like family by all Kuoda staff from start to finish. We really appreciate your professionalism and friendliness, especially Michael’s outstanding service in Lima. His amiable, authentic demeanor made us feel so welcomed and valued!

Our personal service from the company owner, Mery, also reiterates the company’s energy, optimism, and firm philosophy of learning together culturally. She personally escorted us to our flight back to Lima. Her enthusiasm is amazing and a driving force for this exceptional company!

Again, we highly recommend you to friends, family, and fellow travelers worldwide. You strive for excellence, and you do not disappoint!

Muchas Gracias,

S. Shaneyfelt
March 2009

Superb Sunset Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Thank you so much Mery;
this is very helpful.

It was great to meet you and all the Kuoda folks and we both greatly appreciated the excellent care by Kuoda during our journey-Marlene, Michel, Edgar and Freddy and yourself and other drivers. We enjoyed the trip very much and I think better still it stimulated Alex from a variety of perspectives and hopefully will influence him going forward to explore more of Latin America and Peru again.  Alex was fascinated by the music program in Cusco and we had a good last day in Lima-with a superb sunset overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Best regards

K. Sokoloff
Connectituc, USA
March 2009