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The trip was amazing!


Thank you so much.  The trip was amazing!  I am sad to be back (even more so since I am swamped with work).  We will certainly be sending you photos for your website of highlights from our trip as soon as we have had a chance to sort through our pics.

Hope you are doing well and thank you again for doing such a GREAT job in organizing a fantastic trip!

C. Lazo and family
May 2009
Peru trip

Mery you are the best


The trip was so awesome. You had done a great job with my itinerary and I do want to thank you. THe guides, drivers, staff, Mr.Liu, YOU and Mery were great. The sights were spectacular esp. Machupicchu, Lalke TiTicaca. My most favorite city was Cusco -so beautiful, so much history and so friendly.

The one thing I certainly missed is the culture and the people. I was traveling alone and I certainly found out that the people in Miraflores are very nice. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS  Roberto, Anna and the Gonzales family. Not forgeting Mery. Mery you are the best.

Hope to see you all in a couple of years. Jole ,now I know why you felll in love with Peru.

Thank you so very much. Please tell Michel,Tedy, Martin,Edgar I said hi.



K. Hoong
May 2009
Peru trip

Other than being sick here and there, the trip was wonderful


It was our pleasure meeting you and your team. We always felt well cared for and listened too.  You are the best.  A special thanks to Rolly and Raul.  They were fabulous.  Other than being sick here and there, the trip was wonderful.  Will send you photos soon.


Lowe family
May 2009
Peru trip

Overall, Kuoda did an exceptional job!

Hi Mery,

You asked that I email you a review of our trip.  Most of this was covered at dinner or on the phone, but here is a summary.

1.  Guides & drivers make the vacation.  All of Kuoda guides and drivers were excellent. They communicated well, were very knowledgeable and enjoyable to be with.  The Klein guides were also very good, but Kuoda was a step above.

2.  Vehicles are also very important.  The vehicles were all very good, roomy and comfortable.  The one exception was a couple of the flip-up seats (for rear access) were very uncomfortable on long drives.

3.  Machupicchu, Sacred Valley and all of the Inca ruins we visited were great.  Nazca lines were also great but it was a very long day driving – flying would have been better.  Colca valley was beautiful – they did a good job helping us acclimatize to the altitude.

Klein overall did a nice job.  The tours around Quito were very nice as was our guide Aleyandria.  Hacienda Pinsaqui in Cotacachi was wonderful.  Galapagos were great.  The only thing we didn’t care for was the Chaski Train (long, dusty, constant fumes, repetitive scenery)

4.  We were also very pleased with the job you did arranging the time with the Shaman, which was a late request from us.   When our flight was delayed from Cusco to Lima, Kuoda also did a great job arranging tour of Cusco market and a beautiful lunch overlooking Cusco.

Overall, Kuoda did an exceptional job!  I am very happy we found you.  We will be sure to recommend Kuoda whenever possible.

Thanks for making it a great vacation!!

B. Feldman
May 2009
Peru, Ecuador and Galapagos Trip

We are so lucky to have found you!

We thoroughly enjoyed our travels, from sightseeing and eating ceviche in Lima, to enjoying the natural splendour from the Amazon to the Andes, to understanding and appreciating the history of Peru and its people.  And I know there is so much more we didn’t have the opportunity to experience!

What wonderful people we met along the way!  We were so warmly welcomed by all those we met in the village communities along the Amazon who graciously gave us a glimpse of their lives. We loved listening to the childhood stories of Ricky, our guide in the Amazon, who grew up as one of those village children and who ran to play football with them as soon as we arrived. And of course meeting all of you at Kuoda and hearing a little about your lives. Mery, your passion for your country and your genuine interest in each and every one of your clients enables you to run an outstanding company.  We are so lucky to have found you!

Thanks again for everything.



S. Goldenberg
April 2009
Peru Private Tour