5 Reasons Why Solo Travel to Peru is a Must

5 Reasons Why Solo Travel to Peru is a Must

Solo travel can either be exciting or terrifying depending on how willing you are to step outside of your comfort zone. This article is for both the tried and true solo travellers and those new to the game, we’re here to share some first-hand information (and reassurance for those a little nervous) about why Peru is an ideal place for solo travellers.

1. There’s so much to see and do.


There’s a lot to see and do in Peru. From the Amazon to the Andes and everything in between, the options can be downright overwhelming. If you don’t have to split the decisions on where to go next or when to do what, the trip becomes entirely what you make it, without any compromise. That’s travel freedom and we’d argue that there’s no better place in the world to have that kind of freedom than in Peru where you have the Amazon, Pacific, Andes, and Atacama at your fingertips. If you’re a bit of a planner, one of our Kuoda Travel Designers can help you craft your perfect Peru itinerary before you set off for the adventure.

2. You’ll only be alone as much as you want to be.


Any solo traveller can attest to this: Traveling on your own leaves you far more likely to make connections with those around you. You’re more approachable than if you were travelling in a group and you’re also more likely to strike up conversation with those around you. If you know some Spanish, try a few phrases with a local and gain some new perspective on Peruvian life. We’ll say it; expect to go home with some new global and local connections when traveling in Peru. It’s pretty much guaranteed and amplified for solo travellers.

3. If all else fails, follow the ‘Gringo Trail.’


In Peru, we fondly call the well-trodden route from Lima to Ica to Arequipa to Puno to Cusco the ‘Gringo Trail.’ For solo travellers hoping to connect and join up with other travellers in Peru, the ‘Gringo Trail’ is a godsend. It’s the most common circuit for travellers after landing in Lima. Get in touch with us for some insider recommendations on what to see and do in each place and how best to travel between destinations. Which brings us to our next reason why Peru is a dream destination for solo travellers…

4. Traveling about Peru is surprisingly stress-free and comfortable.


From bus routes to flight paths, it’s extremely easy to move about Peru. Wherever you need to go, there’s a way to get there and often in comfort that costs far less than you’d pay at home. Some of Peru’s buses are luxurious with options for 180-degree reclining seats, personal televisions, and meals included in your ticket while Avianca, LATAM, and local airlines like Peruvian and Star Peru safely transport you to your next destination. Solo travellers in Peru can rest assured that the logistics of getting around Peru will not take away from your private Peru holiday.

5. No matter where you go, there’s an organized tour to hop on.


Finally, and right in our wheelhouse, Peru is full of day trips and multi-day adventures to ancient Inca ruins, teeming Amazon River channels, and glacier-fed lagoons. Kuoda will gladly pair you up with some of the most unique and tailored-to-you Peru tours or easily sign-up for tours when you arrive at each place on your itinerary. Organized tours are great for solo travellers because they take the guesswork out of everything, help you stay safe, and offer you the chance to mingle and explore with other travellers.

Ready to Set Off on a Solo Travel to Peru Experience?

We hope we’ve either calmed your nerves or stoked your wanderlust for Peru. If you have any questions or would like some help in planning a custom Peru tour, get in touch with one of our Kuoda Travel Designers. They’ll help you sift through Peru’s many attractions and destinations to come up with an itinerary that is completely your own. That’s what solo travel’s all about, right?

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